She's... she's dead... Thana...1,382
I... I don't know...1,207
Okay... Thank you...1,205
The people of Arceuus don't get ill. We're immortal, we have been for a thousand years, ever since the Ascent of Arceuus. This shouldn't happen... this can't happen...1,203
You... You're right. We should let the Kourend Council know. Could you help? I don't want to leave her.1,198
Thank you... Could you head to Kourend Castle and let Councillor Andrews know what's happened? He's in charge of the Council.1,180
Hello. Have you spoken to Councillor Andrews yet?1,149
Oh... I shouldn't be surprised I guess... The Council only care about helping themselves.1,122
Well... If the Council won't help us, maybe Lord Arceuus will. He doesn't show his face in public much these days but he can't ignore the death of one of his own.1,102
He'll be in the Tower of Magic, north west of here.1,102
I'm Mori... I was going to the Library with my friend, Thana. Suddenly, I felt a strange power all through me and then... she... she...863
...she just died!826
Yes... A long time ago, our leader, Trobin Arceuus, used the Dark Altar to discover the secret of immortality. He came to us and let us share in this secret.602
The events of that day became known as the Ascent of Arceuus.519
But something's gone wrong... Thana is dead and I don't know why!433
The Council are supposed to rule Kourend but they never do anything for the people. They shouldn't even exist anyway. They were only meant to rule until the last king's daughter came of age.368
The Council declared her unfit for rule not long after the king died. She disappeared soon after and no one knows what became of her. Now the Council are the permanent rulers of Kourend.362
It was a waste of time even going to them. They were never going to care about Thana.308
I... Thank you for the offer. You can't help though. She's gone.161
Please hurry. You'll find him in Kourend Castle.20
Hello. Have you spoken to Lord Arceuus yet?20
Please don't take too long. You'll find Lord Arceuus in the Tower of Magic.20
Oh... Okay...10
Hello there. Thank you for helping us, you are a good friend to the people of Arceuus.10
I come here quite often now. This is a nice quiet place for me to think and reflect. It's my way of remembering Thana.10
Thank you friend.9