Are you the human by the name of %USERNAME%?1,253
What should we do with them, my lord.409
Well look who it is! The hero of Prifddinas!303
That's likely due to the fact that I am being sarcastic.255
You seem upset by that. I served Lord Iorwerth because I didn't have a choice. The other elves realised that, hence the pardon.241
Do we?230
Yes, but you're a mercenary. You're lucky enough to be able to side with the highest bidder. Not all of us are so privileged.223
He did. Iestin was brave, I respect that. His bravery has rewarded him with leadership over our clan. But bravery comes easy when you have nothing left to lose.213
I was born into the Iorwerth clan, Lord Iorwerth was my uncle. Do you think I had a say in what my life would be? Do you think any of us did?212
We served Lord Iorwerth because he was our leader. We may not have agreed with all that he did, but that didn't matter. He was in charge and we were not.207
Had I been born into the Cadarn clan, I'd be considered a hero right now. But I wasn't, so instead, I am the villain.200
That said, you'd do well to remember that the actions of Lord Iorwerth should not be used to judge our entire clan.197
But I can see I will not change your mind. That's fine, I don't need to.194
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