Run! Run for your life! Save yourself! I'll keep them back as long as I can...1,349
Your very life is in danger. Rashiliyia has returned and we are all doomed.1,258
Rashiliyia is the Queen of the dead. She has returned and has brought a plague of undead with her. They now occupy our village and we have them trapped. I warn people like yourself to stay away.1,209
We're doing all we can to keep the undead at bay. The village is covered in a deadly green mist. If you go into the village, a terrible sickness will befall you.1,208
Well, that would be helpful Bwana. If you're sure you want to go, you can take a Wampum belt to him for me. It will give the Shaman, Trufitus the story of our problems down here. Are you sure you want to go?1,139
I would be very grateful if you did. Here take this...1,106
Please can you give it to Trufitus. He may be able to give you extra details on the legend surrounding Rashiliyia. Good luck!1,106
And the undead are even stronger beyond the gates. My guess is that it has something to do with the Legend of Rashiliyia.925
But you would need to talk to the Shaman in Tai Bwo Wannai village to get more details about that. I really have to go now and fight these undead.790
Greetings Bwana! We've removed the threat of Rashiliyia and though there are still some random outbreaks of undead activity we are more than able to deal with it.164
You're welcome to enter the village now Bwana, shall I show you the way?143
I don't think so Bwana, but you may want to consult with Trufitus the Shaman in Tai Bwo Wannai village, he may have some information which could help.113
You're welcome Bwana, good luck.95
Hey there Bwana, have you delivered that Wampum Belt to Trufitus yet?73
Can you not see Bwana? This whole area is infested with the living dead.50
Rashiliyia! The Queen of the undead has risen! She is the mother of the undead creatures that roam this land. But alas I know nothing of the legend that surrounds her.49
I am Mosol Rei, I am a Jungle Warrior. I used to live in this village, but it is too dangerous for you to stay around here.48
Well hopefully Trufitus will come up with some good ideas on how to resolve this problem with Rashiliyia. You should talk to him if you really want to help.42
Yes.... I said it is a legend that I know nothing about.39
Sorry Bwana, I cannot help you at this time. Go and talk to Trufitus at Tai Bwo Wannai, I believe he needs some help.34
My guess is that this has something to do with the legend of Rashiliyia. But you need to speak to the Shaman in 'Tai Bwo Wannai' village to get more details about that.30
I really have to fight these undead now Bwana, before they take over the world!27
Thanks, but you really should leave.25
God speed to you my friend.23
Well, let me think now...18
Hmmm, there was something I think that might help...18
Nope, sorry. It's gone.18
You must be a maniac to go in there! The whole place is swarming with zombies!17
If you can take it to him quickly, it would help me out a lot. If not, please can you give it back to me so that I can send a scout to deliver it.13
Hey, move away from the cart please! It's unsafe to go in there.13
Quite right, Bwana, please make all haste! Before your spine turns to water as we speak.10
That's Ok Bwana, it's a big responsibility. Come back and see me if you change your mind.9
Well, if you go to see the Shaman, please give him that Wampum belt I gave to you, it will give him more details about our situation down here.7
That's great Bwana, if you give Trufitus the Wampum belt I gave you, it will give him more details of our current situation.5
Ok, I understand Bwana! You may as well be on your way then.3
Ok, perhaps you'd like to be on your way now?2