... so you two kill the stupid Arm troll and the human it brought with it. Mother will sort Snowflake out permanently.974
You want to do it yourself?839
Of course he is in the dungeon. Mother put him there.804
Question Mother again, and it will be your blood that Mother drinks instead. Snowflake betrayed her father, and Mother does not forgive.767
Mother does not need you to be happy. Mother requires only that you obey, or die. We are trolls, not softy liberals like Snowflake.753
My Arm did this? My Arm killed him?752
Huh. Mother must think about that. But look at this body here...674
You shut up, Odd Mushroom! Always talking about moving on, talking about civilising, talking about progress - what kind of troll are you?672
This old man could have died of old age in his sleep. How is that revenge for what he did to Mother? And to Mother's people?658
She needs to marry proper troll, like Don't Know What, and remember how trolls are. Don't Know What can lead tribe for real.658
I am Mother. I am your father, and you will obey me! This Arm troll brings nothing but trouble, and Mother does not trust him. In fact...642
You messed up Mother's daughter - she uses long words like you, talks about leading trolls into future.604
What kind of fight was this? Where is the blood? When Mother kills an enemy, there is blood. Much blood. Blood, brains, gut juices.595
Welcome to Weiss, troll. I am Mother. Mother sorry about your trouble getting in here.489
This here is Don't Know What, loyal bodyguard and chief sentry. He like a son to Mother.444
We not trust humans. Also, your human keep talking about its arm, and we not want mad human in our town. But now Mother knows human is your servant, we let it come and go freely.430
And here come Mother's daughter, Snowflake.417
This old troll is Odd Mushroom. He is big clever-clogs, and it makes him talk funny, but Mother puts up with it. Odd Mushroom invents stuff for Mother.347
Snowflake! We men got business to talk! Shut up and get out.294
You shut up too, or Mother break your clever-clogs head open an' see how smart your brain is when it outside your skull!293
Snowflake got to respect boss, an' that is Mother. When Mother retire as boss, Don't Know What will marry Snowflake. Then he will be boss, an' Snowflake got to respect him.277
This your last warning - shut up! Weiss needs strong boss - that is how we survive. For now, Mother is strongest boss. Some day, Don't Know What will be strongest boss. Otherwise trolls die out.257
So, arm troll, you come from Stronghold to share what you know. What you got?254
Farming? That a stupid skill for a man-troll. Proper man-troll should use his muscles. You teach us something better than that, or you get out and not come back!247
Mother is not interested in eating stupid vegetables. Mother likes wolf flesh, freshly killed, with blood running down Mother's jaw.242
Mother can hear you! It not matter. Mother's daughter, Snowflake, will marry Don't Know What. Then he can be boss when Mother retires.241
You better have something else to offer, or you go home an' stop wasting Mother's time.231
Mother gets real warm fuzzy feeling inside, eating furry wolf.218
Mother has trolls already who chuck rocks really hard. Also Mother has seen birds - they are not scary.216
Mother is not impressed. Have Stronghold trolls nothing else to offer?215
Mother is boss; Snowflake will obey her father. Arm troll is making Mother angry. Now, what you teaching us?209
Arm troll is useless. Get out of here!207
Trolls need strong boss. Mother kept trolls alive through Mother's strength! Otherwise trolls would have died long ago. Once Mother retires, Don't Know What is strongest.186
So Don't Know What will marry Snowflake and be boss of Weiss. No more talk on this! You arm troll, you teach us something good or go home!181
A troll child is named after the first thing they try to eat. This is tradition of troll people. My full name is Mother's Left One.132
Humans are not welcome in Weiss. If you are not the servant of this troll, you should go away and never return.76
Mother told the arm troll to go home. You go away too, human.44
Hahaha! Mother does not believe little arm troll could kill anything. Arm troll is useless. Get him out of Weiss.28
Farming is a stupid skill for a man-troll. Proper man-troll should use his muscles. You teach us something better than that, or you get out and not come back!26
Just go away, human.24
Mother is not interested in what human wants to show. Go away.13