I'd stand away from there. That black cross means that house has been touched by the plague.2,093
A doctor? I didn't think there were any left around here.1,232
You heard right. Head on in and see what you can do.1,222
This is highly irregular. Please wait...1,038
What do you think you are doing? You are meant to be getting information out of him, not making friends!965
Okay, but without the proper paperwork he stays in this room.962
Well you'd need to apply to the head mourner, or I suppose Bravek the city warder.926
Sounds unlikely, even kidnappers wouldn't go in there. Even if someone is in there, they're probably dead by now.871
You don't have clearance to go in there.820
Who are you? Go away!749
I wouldn't get your hopes up though.685
Back away citizen. Only mourners are allowed inside the headquarters.501
Back away citizen. Several mourners are ill with food poisoning.471
There are no doctors in West Ardougne, just that nurse south east of the chapel. You don't need to worry though, we'll soon have it sorted.454
What are you up to?230
Stand back citizen, do not approach me.204
Hmmm, how did you get over here? You're not one of this rabble. Ah well, you'll have to stay. Can't risk you going back now.197
I don't trust you.154
If I find you attempting to cross the wall I'll make sure you never return.148
What do you think you're doing? You're meant to be getting information out of him, not making friends!137
A doctor? At last! I don't know what I've eaten but I feel like I'm on death's door.132
Yes, I'd figured that out already. What can you give me to help.123
Good good. Carry on.123
That's irrelevant. You don't have clearance to go in there.107
It is good to see so many new recruits, soon no one will be able to stand against the power of the Death Guard.95
You're no doctor!85
This is no place for sight-seeing. Don't you know there's been a plague outbreak?68
Then I suggest you leave as soon as you can.60
Good day. Are you in need of assistance?59
Do I look friendly to you? I really must work on my scowl more.59
Ah yes, I've heard of her. A healer I believe. She must be mad coming over here voluntarily.57
No, I'm too young to die! I've never even had a girlfriend.54
Indeed it is. You should speak with Essyllt downstairs. He's in charge.54
I hear rumours she has probably caught the plague now. Very tragic, a stupid waste of life.52
Good day. Are the townspeople causing you trouble?51
Wait a minute, where's your equipment?50
Oh dear oh dear. I feel terrible, I think it was the stew.47
You will be surprised at how much help the brute force of the Guard can be.41
What? How will that help? What kind of doctor are you?40
We're working for King Lathas of East Ardougne. He has tasked us with containing the accursed plague sweeping West Ardougne.40
Can't risk you being a carrier. That protective clothing you have isn't regulation issue. It won't meet safety standards.36
We also do our best to ease these people's suffering. We're nicknamed mourners because we spend a lot of time at plague victim funerals, no one else is allowed to risk attending.34
There is one mourner who's really sick. They're resting upstairs. You should see to them first.32
It's a demanding job, and we get little thanks from the people here.26
Indeed it is.26
Do you have a problem traveller?21
It's all down to King Tyras of West Ardougne. It started came back from one of his visits to the lands west of here.18
Some of his men must have unknowingly caught it out there and brought it back with them17
Keep away civilian.17
No! It's for protection.17
The plague of course...17
If he did he wouldn't care. I believe he wants his people to suffer, he's an evil man.15
He's not my king.15
Pray for me? You're no doctor... You're an imposter!14
This tower's here for your protection.14
Sorry, I'd like to be left in peace.13
The first signs are typical flu symptoms. These tend to be followed by severe nightmares, horrifying hallucinations which drive many to madness.12
It gets worse. Next the victim's blood changes into a thick black tar-like liquid, at this point they're past help.12
Their skin is cold to the touch, the victim is now brain dead. Their body however lives on driven by the virus, roaming like a zombie, spreading itself further wherever possible.11
How did you get in here? This is a restricted area!7
Can I help you?6
I'm guarding the border to West Ardougne. No one except we mourners can pass through.6
Are you ok?6
Have you experienced any plague symptoms?6
The plague of course. We can't risk cross contamination.5
What do you want?4
We have no use for a doctor. Not that you were any use when we did need you.4
I'm a mourner. It's my job to help heal the plague victims of West Ardougne and to make sure the disease is contained.3
If you come down with any symptoms such as flu or nightmares let me know immediately.3
First you'll come down with heavy flu, this is usually followed by horrifying nightmares.2
Not like these I assure you. Soon after a thick black liquid will seep from your nose and eyes.2
When it gets to that stage there's nothing we can do for you.2
It all started when King Tyras of West Ardougne came back from one of his visits to the lands west of here.2
Well if you take a turn for the worse let me know straight away.1
No... But you will have to be treated.1
We have to take measures to contain the disease. That's why you must let us know immediately if you take a turn for the worse.1