Welcome to the Duel Arena!191
What would you like to know?166
When you go to the arena you'll go up an access ramp to the walkways that overlook the duel arenas. From the walkways you can watch the duels and challenge other players.34
You'll know you're in the right place as you'll have a Duel-with option when you right-click a player.33
The archaeologists that are excavating the area east of Varrock have been working on this site as well. From these cliffs they uncovered this huge building. The experts think it may date back to the second age!24
Now that the archaeologists have moved out, a group of warriors, headed by myself, have bought the land and converted it to a set of duel arenas. The best fighters from around the world come here to fight!22
Ho! Ho! Ho!22
You and your opponent can offer coins or platinum as a stake. If you win, you receive what your opponent staked minus some tax, but if you lose, your opponent will get whatever items you staked.17
The rules are fairly self-evident with lots of different combinations for you to try out!17
You can choose to use rules to spice things up a bit. For instance if you both agree to use the 'No Magic' rule then neither player can use magic to attack the other player. The fight will be restricted to ranging and16
melee only.16
The Duel Arena has six duel arenas where you can fight other players in a controlled environment. We have our own dedicated hospital where we guarantee to put you back together, even if you lose.8
Inbetween the arenas are walkways where you can watch the fights and challenge other players.8
See you in the arenas!8