Can I help you, human?1,293
Why I'd be happy to have a chat! I do enjoy talking about this great city of ours.1,226
Those who endure our daunting introductory tasks are rewarded greatly - being taught to create the armour worn by the very soldiers of the Shayzien army, along with access to our Blast Mine.1,212
Anytime! Come back soon!1,197
The rewards able to be reaped by the most loyal of our city are nothing to be scoffed at!879
Those seeking favour within Lovakengj start with a dirty job.288
Creating dynamite and mining in the sulphur mine isn't a pretty job, but someone has to do it!231
Lovakengj is filled with incredibly skilled blacksmiths. Under the leadership of Vulcana Lovakengj, our intelligent material saving skills make us the finest blacksmiths in the land.182
Armours, weaponry, tools and structures - our city supplies Kourend with all of these to the finest standards known to Dwarf and Human alike.164
Why, it's my little shop. I supply all kinds of items that the Lovakengj workers need. Though if you need pickaxes, you should visit Toothy in the sulphur mine.21
Now, can I help you today?19
Very well, I look forward to chatting with you!6