Arr, all done.2,491
Arrr, ye've got nothing that I can combine.1,206
Arrr, what is it that ye be wantin? I can tell ye all about the prices of runes, or perhaps I could combine the charges on yer teleport jewellery.584
Arrr, ye've nothing I can combine. Maybe ye needs to take yer stuff up to the Wilderness and charge it on the Fountain of Rune. It be more powerful than me.223
Arrr, what is it that ye be wantin? I can tell ye all about the prices of runes.120
Arrr, 250gp per ring. How many would ye like me to enchant?46
Arrr, pleasure doin' business with ya.46
Arrrr, bring me yer ruby rings to enchant. 29
By my sea-blistered skin, I could ask the same of you!11
No? Then what's that smell? The smell o' someone spent too long at sea without a bath!11
Defer your speech right there! Quit this derogatory and somewhat narrow-minded allusion that all folks of sea voyage are only concerned with washing the decks, looking after parrots and drinking rum. I'll have ye10
know there is much more to a pirate than meets the eye.10
Har har har! We've got a stern landlubber 'ere! Well, let me tell ye, I'm here for the Grand Exchange! Gonna cash in me loot!10
By my wave-battered bones! Not when I can sell to the whole world from this very spot!10
Then ye must know me brother! Murky Pat!4
Well, 'e be on that ship for sure. And I remember 'im tellin' me about some guy like ye, getting all mixed up with curses and cabin boys.4
Ye sure be a different character.4
Arrr, I think ye be a bit short of inventory space.4
Arrrr, but they arrre 250gp per ring. 1