Well, that makes sense, but sorry I don't know anything about that.10
Weird, the ships never done that before...6
I'm not sure I like your tone of voice!5
Sorry, can't stop, the Captain will have my guts for garters if he catches me slacking off talking to the stowaway.5
You think this is cold? Up by Acheron it gets so cold that when you talk you see the words freeze in the air in front of you!4
Well done, we'll make a pirate out of you yet!4
My mother was a gnome. Apparently it was a very painful birth.3
Sorry, I don't remember much about it, I'd had a fair bit to drink.3
How do ye know that sacred song of the pirates?3
It is?3
Hello there. So what brings you aboard the Lady Zay?2
Aye, she's a beauty alright! The Lady Zay has been my home for many hard months, through storm and sun, and she always gets us to here we were headed!2
That she is lass, that she is.2
I don't see how, not with my condition.2
Yes, it's a very rare medical condition.2
When I'm drunk I become completely silent and immobile, and just sit quietly by myself until I have sobered up.2
Oh, absolutely. I'm in the medical books and everything.2
Well, at the moment it mostly involves being asked random questions by a stowaway.2
Yeah, whatever lady, it doesn't really matter who you are I'll get in trouble!2
Nah, not really. I was exaggerating for humourous effect. It is very very cold though!2
Yeah, whatever guy, it doesn't really matter who you are I'll get in trouble!2
What kind of question is that? How's life as a... I dunno. Whatever it is that you do for a living.1
Oh, sorry, my mistake then.1
You must admit you do look a lot like a stowaway though.1
He's an arrogant fool, but he gets the job done.1
I'd have to say the Captains wrong about that.1
Ah, good day to you sirrah! Your face is unfamiliar, did you perhaps join us aboard the ship at Lunar Isle?1
Hello to you too.1
Hey, whatever pal. Just make sure the captain doesn't catch you, pirates don't like stowaways much.1
Really? Then you had best speak to him about it.1
I'm not exactly sure what you mean by shenanigans, but the First Mate is an honest, hard-working man.1
HE would never do anything to harm the ship or its crew.1
I think you'd better.1
Sea sick?1
I can just smell that beautiful smell of fish guts.1