Ahoy there! All set for a dive?4,365
Ok, let's be off then.2,967
Good luck, I'll weigh anchor. Climb up the chain to get aboard.2,961
Whoooahh sailor!1,333
Ahoy there! Up for a bit of a swim?1,043
Great! I'll sort that fishbowl out for you.1,003
There you go.1,002
Sure! It's as sound as my ship!998
Giant Crabs? Why, I used to haul up a few of those whenever I set my nets around Rimmington.992
As in under the water!991
Well, I know how to rig up a handy set of breathing gear that can allow you to keep air inside the fishbowl.991
Well, the only thing I can think to do is to go down there and look to see if there are any left.990
Not at all. I'll even weigh anchor with the chain somewhere easy to reach so you can climb out easily enough if you run into trouble.988
Well, I can't think of any other way to check. If you come up with a better plan then feel free to tell me.986
Well I can't take you out until you are properly geared up.981
How did it go?877
Great, I'll take us back in.877
We lost three diving parties that way!818
Why the interest?795
Well that's the sort of spirit I like to see. However you are far too heavy to go diving right now.767
Want me to take you out now?758
You just put the barrel of air on your back, with the fishbowl over your head, and then dive over the side.721
Tell me, can you get your hands on a fishbowl?718
In the meantime I'll wait, and if you want me to take you diving I'll be ready.714
Well, I guess some people will do anything for a bit of fresh seafood.714
Well hello my brave adventurer.704
It should hold enough air to keep you alive for quite some time.702
Getting ready to go fishing of course. There's no time to waste!683
By the way, why are you so interested in crabs all of a sudden?682
Well, I can't take you diving if you are carrying more than 27kg worth of equipment.657
There's also a slight problem with leaks.614
Nothing some swamp paste won't fix...604
I've got all the supplies I need from the shop at the end of the pier. They sell good rope, although their bailing buckets aren't too effective.570
Well of course you can! I'll warn you though, the seas are merciless and with out fishing experience you won't catch much.566
You need a fishing level of 15 or above to catch any fish on the trawler.563
Oh, and one more thing... I hope you're a good swimmer?543
Repairing the net is difficult in the harsh conditions so you'll find it easier with a higher crafting level.516
On occasions the net rips, so you'll need some rope to repair it.496
Aye aye! Meet me on board the trawler. I just need to get a few things together.411
Hah! .. the soft land lovers lost their sea legs have they?399
We arrived at that number through trial and error, and the errors were not pretty let me assure you.394
We're too far out now, It'd be dangerous.389
Good day to you land lover. Fancy hitting the high seas again?359
Ok, ok, I'll try, but don't say I didn't warn you...359
Sure, here you go. Try not to lose this one, I'm not a very good glassblower.356
Save yourself! We're going down!353
Well, if you pop over to a bank and leave all your heavy equipment behind then I'll take you out.347
Well, the bowls I make tend to shatter under pressure into razor-sharp shards of lethal, face shredding shrapnel.316
Sure, I have plenty after the...little incident.308
Nothing to worry yourself about.308
Here, have this one. Only dropped once!250
Don't let it bother you, I think I know what I'm doing wrong now.234
Well, you've come to the right place, m'hearty! What do you need to know?202
No, no.201
See you then!201
Hmm. I used to use a sextant when I was a young fella.195
I can tell from the taste of the sea spray where I am, m'hearty!157
Ah well, can't be helped.140
Well, yes.139
Ahoy! Up for a dive today?135
But seriously, what are the chances of getting a jellyfish jammed in there again?116
You want that cat of yours to drown or something?115
Aye aye! Meet me on board the trawler.108
Oh hang on. I'm already on a fishing trip with someone. You'll have to try back in a few minutes.105
I get all sorts, anything that lies on the sea bed, you never know what you're going to get until you pull up the net!103
Never mind. Just try back later OK?98
That's Game Magic son.85
I'm not taking you out for a dive with that cat following you.76
Aye aye matey! We'll soon get you ship shape!70
Swamp tar mixed with flour which is then heated over a fire.68
Unfortunately the only supply of swamp tar is in the swamps below Lumbridge.67
That's because it's not, the darn thing's full of holes.56
I'm not a cat person, and it'd have to stay on the ship while you were down.55
Oh no, I don't let a few holes stop an experienced sailor like me. I could sail these seas in a barrel, I'll be going out soon enough.55
I'm not taking you out for a dive with that pet following you. It'll get wet.54
If all else fails use a bailing bucket!51
You know, I can see your cat right there.49
I'm looking right at it. See, it's just there in your bag!44
I'm not taking you out for a dive with that pet in your bag. It'll get wet.43
Ok, well I'll be here if you change your mind.43
Well, whenever you want me to get you some diving gear, just come and see me with a fishbowl.42
So, all ready to take a dive?36
I think i'm feeling a bit sea sick!34
Hah! ...Softy.34
Get those fishies!33
It's a fierce sea today traveller, you best hold on tight.33
I'm not taking you out with that cat. I'm not some sort of cat-sitter, so go and put it somewhere safe, then come back.32
Well let's be...24
Err, how do you plan on swimming with your hands full?20
Bloomin' land lovers!!!20
Well, when you hit the water you will start swimming. If you can't free up your hands by putting everything away then you will sink like a stone.18
All you have to do is have 2 spaces to store the items and you are good to go.15
That's Game Magic dear.13
What the...?12
Well I never! Technology these days. Beyond me. So how might I help you?11
The boat has just left actually! Perhaps when it comes back you can join them in another run?9
Even if you aren't carrying a shield or weapon it's always handy to have some free space for an emergency.8
That's the attitude sailor...Aaaaar!5
The boat is just sitting waiting for someone to join. How about it?2
Ok mate, bye!2
You don't have enough space for another one.2
Well sure, just as soon as you have some spare space for it.1
Hey %USERNAME%, you finally got around to naming me.1
Well, I have plenty of them under the tap, getting sluiced off. When you have space for one come and see me.1