Another beautiful day in Keldagrim, I should say!6
Well, I heard some human knocked over the statue of King Alvis recently. You know anything about that?6
And how can I help you?5
Let me think for a moment...4
No, I have nothing that I could possible want doing. Try the shops or the market instead.4
Hello there, human.4
The Red Axe has departed the city recently. Ill omens.3
No, it's just that no company has ever willingly left the Consortium before.2
Oh yes. It hasn't happened for a long while now, but sometimes a company goes bankrupt. Or the value of the company becomes so low that it's relegated to being a minor company.2
Greetings to you.2
How are you doing?2
Weren't you on a quest yourself right now? Something to do with... knocking over a statue?2