To me? I see...636
Amlodd? A curious name... Why do you ask?631
Look at this place... It's beautiful, is it not?626
I have a question for you. This valley before us, how would you describe it?523
Yes... It's nice to look upon such beauty, it reminds me of my home. The crystal spires of Prifddinas.428
Yes... It is a welcome break from the wars of my home, the wars of Lord Iorwerth.173
Yes... This world... it's so peaceful, so beautiful. But there is still danger here. It takes me back to the forests near my home, before Lord Iorwerth brought a different danger upon us.25
I suppose it can seem that way. Little to see and little to do. But there is beauty in that simplicity, much like the forest of Isafdar.22
The answers are not always easy to find. I have had time to reflect here, to consider this world. Maybe you need more time to find your own answer. Alas, it is time we do not have, for Lord Iorwerth awaits.3