Rickard! Turn away! Don't do this!1,089
Who are you and what do you want?1,060
Psst... Hey... Who's Roald? Who's Drezel?1,049
Magnificent isn't he?772
His name is Galvek. In our tongue, it means...770
Yeah thanks a lot buddy!764
Hey, you deal with this okay.722
He's just coming! Wait a second!703
He is? Aww man...661
What next door? What's coffee? Who ARE you?18
They did? Ummm....17
Psst... Are there any pipes in here, you reckon?17
We don't have any thanks! Bye!17
Pssst... Hey... Is this place of historic interest?14
Clear off! You can't come in!14
I suppose not.13