You again? What do you want now?1,090
Really? Hey, that's great!1,088
Nothing buddy! We're just so grateful!1,077
And, uh, what would you do if everything wasn't okay with me?1,047
Ah, good, well, I don't think...1,047
HAHAHAHA! Really? Thanks buddy! You see that mausoleum out there? There's a horrible big dog underneath it that I'd like you to kill for me! It's been really bugging me! Barking all the time and stuff!1,028
Please kill it for me buddy!761
Hello, my name is Drevil.714
OH! Yes, of course!701
Will you do me a favour, adventurer?695
I mean Drezel. How can I help?694
Who are you?46
You'll do this for good old Delzig, won't ya buddy?31
*cough* for good old Drezel, right buddy?27
Ah! I want you to go kill the horrible dog in the mausoleum for me! You can use the entrance out there.26
Get lost then! I have important things to do, as sure as my name is Dibzil.12
Drezel. Now, go away!12