Here you go.2,592
It seems as though the curse that keeps me here extends to my very clothing... which piece do you want?1,113
I cannot believe it! You can see me? You understand my words?879
My tale is one of woe... No doubt you will have little interest in hearing it...876
My name is Valdez. I served my Lord Saradomin faithfully for many years, as an explorer of this strange land we had been brought to.858
Aye, stranger. I chose that day to take it so that my Lord Saradomin's power and prestige could be increased by its possession.848
No stranger, you misunderstand completely... Firstly my gracious Lord would never treat anyone in such a manner; If he felt it was beyond my bounds as a mere mortal840
What be this? You both see me and hear me, and also know my name?838
And secondly, I never managed to pass the artefact on to my Lord...831
I am sorry to bore you with my tale stranger, please allow me to compound my rudeness by asking you for one favour, small to perform?822
Many thanks stranger, this existence tortures me...818
I am unsure who had built it, or why they had left it seemingly abandoned, but inside I located a great treasure...709
Though it has been so many moons since last I had company in this endless non-life...706
To find such an artefact of power just lying around, it is almost incomprehensible...701
I remember the day this curse fell upon me clearly... I had just discovered a huge temple, hidden below the ground, of one of Saradomin's compatriots.699
This was the cause of my cursed state.699
to hold such an artefact, he would simply have commanded me to return it to whence I had claimed it, and I being eternally loyal would have obeyed without question...694
I do not know what became of the staff, but I can feel in my very bones that whatever its final fate was, it is somehow related to this curse upon me...693
A god-weapon! Do you have any comprehension of the difficulty and rarity in obtaining such a thing?690
It was the godstaff of Armadyl. Oh, how I rue my choice that day!689
So it was there in that deserted temple that I made my choice. I took the staff, and left that temple for Entrana immediately.676
I need you to find Rennard and if he has the staff yet reclaim it, or find out what hideous deed he performed to curse me so!675
The vile thief Rennard accosted me as I made my way to Entrana, and after defeating me with a sneak attack, plundered the staff from my person, and left me for dead...671
Tell me what devilry brings you here, and be quick about it afore I gut you like a fish!668
I have nothing I may offer you save this piece of clothing, please take it as payment...665
Valdez? Who be that? Some foul necromancer?661
How do you know my name, stranger?627
So THAT is what this is about... I should have known the deal was too good to have no repercussions...618
A curse ye say... Aye, that makes sense...608
Ha! That is not a truthful assessment of the story... You might think differently if you had heard my side of events.597
Well, I was making me merry way along, having just pulled off a glorious jewellery heist from a bunch of stinking dwarves...573
Well, if you have spoken to Rennard, then you will know that he had somehow managed to obtain a very valuable weapon, and was looking for buyers.568
The god-staff of Armadyl? Well, of course I did.557
Well, as I headed on me merry way, hoping the foul odours that lingered in me nostrils would soon pass, I see in front of me this explorer fella, all decked out in in his fine clothing, and carrying some long package552
Ha! Here is a word of advice for you adventurer; Never trust the words of a drunk.548
Well, I makes me way to the closest tavern I knew of that catered to my sort of people...542
Ah yes, Lord Zamorak. He was merely a mortal back then, you know?541
Right ye are, so I makes me way to the nearest friendly tavern, and unwraps the bundle to see what it had inside.539
Was it? Ah, I never knew that...535
Well, I knew such a weapon would be of great value to...532
Well, that's the other funny thing... He never showed up, he sent some General or other instead.530
His name was Zamorak. I remember thinking at the time it was odd, because the fella was a mighty powerful warrior, but was never fully trusted by...528
Well that I can't tell ya, but if something happened to get me cursed, it's likely the messenger would know what more than me.528
I can not tell you of them precisely, for I myself was not there to witness them.525
Ah yes, the whereabouts of the treacherous Lennissa...522
As I have explained, I was not there, and I do not know what Zamorak did with the staff, but whatever it was resulted in his banishment by the other gods for many years.518
Well, it was the contents of the message I was returning to Zamorak;513
Wooo? Woooo woo woooooo wooooo woooowooo wooo woooooo woo!512
Ah, the infamous Rennard... The last I had heard of that vile thief, he had joined a group of bandits in an evil land to the North-east of here, where they had made their home living outside of454
Thank you for hearing my tale... It has been so lonely here...447
Of course...431
Ah, the infamous Rennard... The last I had heard of him, he had sought passage on a ship crewed by none but the most dastardly lowly pirates...420
So it all began the day I stole that staff, ye say? Aye, that be a story I have never told another soul...420
Ah, yer misunderstand me lad, I wasn't generalising about the whole dwarf species, I had just stolen a bundle of jewels from a very specific group of dwarves who happened to have an odious stench about them!392
So I coshed this fella round the back of his head with me bag of jewels, picked up his package and was on me merry way afore he comes to.385
So I says to meself, 'Rennard', I says, 'Rennard, why would some fella all dressed in his finery be carrying something wrapped in dirty rags?'.382
And there was I thinking my fate be the fault of the thieving and murdering I spent me life a-doing...376
What he probably didn't tell you, was that he met me in a drunken stupor in some smoke filled tavern, and I offered to arrange a purchaser for his item, in exchange for a small finders fee.373
I tell ye what, you've given me much to think about so I'd like to offer yer a gift; Here, take these, they were the gloves I stole me first cake with, they might bring yer some luck.372
and he escorted me to the tavern and made the purchase there and then.370
Now WHY can't I remember his name? Very odd that...368
I also heard that this ship had been caught in a violent storm, and stranded upon rocks, where the pirates then made their home...362
Well anyway, when given the task of selling a weapon forged by the very gods themselves, I naturally thought of Zamorak as a potential buyer.361
But maybe... Perhaps the events that followed were responsible for my cursed state...359
Ah, the infamous Rennard... The last I had heard of that vile thief, he had joined a group of bandits in a barren land to the South-east of here, where they prey upon the unsuspecting visitors to358
You have given me much to think on adventurer. I would like to reward you with my sturdy messenger boots, may they aid you in your travels.356
me message to the wrong fella.355
Yes, he was always quite the connoisseur when it came to weaponry...355
the reach of the authorities that pursued them...353
If whatever happened to the staff caused this curse to befall me, then it is certain that she too would have been afflicted, because she would have been in the very heart of the action.336
Who are you? Where did you hear that name? How comes it that you can see and speak to me?336
bundled in rags.334
So that weasel Kharrim has been blighted by this curse too?333
Whatever he might have thought he was doing with it, in the end all that happened was he left me to arrange a purchaser for the item.323
No, evil scum such as he should never have been allowed to walk this world.323
Then speak, and speak well, for I may yet be dead, but am still a danger to those who cross me.321
Hmmm... You know... Thinking back on that, I'm getting the feeling that messenger did a little doublecross of his own, and took318
WHY can't I remember his name???318
Yet I could see great things in store for him even then. He had a kind of brilliant ruthlessness... And that special kind of vicious streak you see so rarely...318
That makes no sense... I served Saradomin faithfully my entire life, then all of a sudden I find myself reduced to this state!317
Honestly, you would have to be pretty slow-witted to not recognise a legendary artefact such as that.316
Anysways, I unwraps this staff, and sees it be a god- weapon; I may be just a common thief, but I recognises a weapon not made by mortal hands when I sees one.315
His name was Kharrim, and if he caused me to be stuck like this, I'm gonna fillet him like a dog, ghost or no!314
What? Explain yourself.313
Now that's funny. Can't remember his name, now. The powerful god, lived in the North-east. Took the Mahjarrat away from under Icthlarin's311
What? But... But that is not how it happened at all!311
Anyway, I hired me a messenger to go off and let him know I had something I was prepared to sell that I thought he'd be interested in...308
I am after all, simply a messenger. When... 'it' happened, I was busy elsewhere delivering a message from Zamorak to the rest of his Mahjarrat ilk.306
So I thinks to meself a little more, 'Rennard', I thinks, 'Rennard, maybe that fella has something valuable in there, and he covered it in dirty rags so it don't look so valuable'.305
I was a messenger in his employ anyway, so it was a mere trifle to find him and deliver the news, and I knew of his particular interest in armour and weaponry of all kinds.303
Lucien seemed quite certain that there was a spy for Saradomin somewhere amongst his followers named Lennissa.303
Let me see... I had been working as a spy for my Lord Saradomin, amongst the forces of... the Empty Lord.297
But I digress. I let Lord Zamorak know that there was some drunken fool with an artefact of incredible power that could probably be bought off with a few jewels and trinkets,296
You see my form, hear my words, and know my name, yet your face I recognise not...296
His name was Viggora. He was an evil man, brutal and vicious, and deadly with a blade.296
I cannot answer your question with anything other than my own suppositions, but I do know of one who might be able to, and if any man deserved to be cursed for their actions that day, it was he!295
I will not give you his name, for to do so would give him power here.294
It was a satisfactory deal all around, I got a share of the sale price from Rennard, and I greatly increased my prestige amongst Zamorak and his followers.293
Then how comes it to be that you know my name stranger?293
The story shames me stranger, I wouldst rather keep it unto myself.291
No, nobody except myself, and now you, knew that I cast such a spell....291
Lennissa? Oh that poor sweet girl... Has my foolishness cursed her as well as myself???290
Indeed I did. To my eternal shame, I decided that I would assist Zamorak and his henchmen in their battle, by secretly casting a spell of concealment upon the staff so that290
As Saradomin was, yes. As Saradomin is now? Who can say?289
Yes, but my guilt is more than simply inaction...289
As I say, I was working as a spy within the very camp of my Lord's enemies.288
Ah, to not understand this, you must have led a sheltered life...288
The very strange thing was that Saradomin must have known about it, whatever it was, before it even happened...287
Aye... Perhaps it might at that.285
That I will not tell you. I will tempt the fates no more than I already have done.285
the desert awaiting the return of their dark master...284
(sigh) I know not what occurred with that god-weapon, but I have my suspicions...284
Aye, that is a fair account of events...283
As I have told you, the Empty Lord was extremely powerful, but not so powerful that he could rule over the other deities of this world without opposition.282
Stranger, my foolishness was a result of my respect for Saradomin, not as a result of any attempted treachery!281
To my eternal shame, I indeed failed my Lord Saradomin...280
Please adventurer, discover what foul fate must have befallen him for him to have neglected his duty!279
Be you some mighty sorcerer to bind me so?261
Hello back at you.249
Wooowoowoooooo.... Woowoowoo? Woooo, wooowoo wooowooowooo!247
So what has Lennissa told you of the events of the day this curse befell me?235
Ha, a good thing too. If anybody deserved such a fate it would be one such as him.234
What lies has he told you to come here? Have you come to try and kill me?228
I suppose you think that's funny?225
Kharrim the messenger... Well, he was always a devoted follower of old General Zamorak, and if I remember rightly Zamorak set up a small base in an old temple near Dareeyak...224
it has served me well these centuries past, and may bring you luck.224
He was one of the few humans Zamorak allowed to rise to a position of power amongst his rebels, possibly because he imitated those same qualities of Zamorak.222
You can see me?220
have made them...218
The Empty Lord chose to ally himself with the dark creatures of this world, fully aware that their own natures would cause them to rally against his rule, and take every opportunity they could to betray him.215
being a god-weapon its very presence would have sung out to their leader.215
If anyone knows what Zamorak did with that god- weapon to have caused this curse to have befallen us, it would have been he, for he would have been fighting on Zamorak's very right hand side in their rebellion.213
It is probably worth mentioning that at this time we had no knowledge of the mysterious nature god Guthix.211
they might use it secretly against their master.211
I don't think I want to talk to you anymore.211
I knew that with such a weapon, Zamorak would be capable of launching an attack that could actually stand a chance of success, but I also knew that he would never be able to get a chance to use it in a battle for210
Please, if this curse can be lifted, find Viggora and find out what he has wrought upon us! I have no wealth nor magic to aid you, but take my hood as reward;210
Lord Saradomin.209
I knew that as soon as my Lord Saradomin heard this, he would contact Armadyl to inform them of the theft, and the matter would have been resolved quickly and discreetly.209
Because of this role, I had access to a larger picture of what was happening than she herself did, and I was not only well aware that her presence amongst the enemy camp had been detected, but I was also well aware that209
Let us just say that he was a fearsome deity, whose strength was greater than all the gods we knew of on this realm at the time.208
This allowed me freedom amongst their camp, for it was always easy to point the finger of suspicion at some unsuspecting necromancer or foolish Mahjarrat if it seemed as though my activities had been discovered.208
The theft of Armadyl's staff changed this however.208
I could not allow such a thing to happen!208
Zamorak were making plans to overthrow their master and take his power for themselves.207
Please... Leave me to my fate. I have been here so long that I scarce remember aught else...206
Now, as powerful, long-lived and evil as they were, they were still just mortal, and I made the decision that it would be of benefit to my Lord Saradomin for his mightiest rival to be distracted by such internal conflicts.206
And you understand my words?206
But anyway, it had come to my attention that the Mahjarrat who had been liberated from the control of Icthlarin did not much appreciate one form of slavery to another, and under the leadership of the mighty204
Had I known what a threat to my Lord Saradomin Zamorak would later become, I wouldst have taken the message to Saradomin immediately! Alas, it is all too easy to see your mistakes after you204
Hello stranger.203
Let me explain myself. I was Lennissa's immediate superior, and I was often her contact for missions.203
Hello yourself.203
Please find him and discover why I am cursed like this!202
This is incredible! How can such a thing have come to pass?202
there was a growing faction amongst them who were plotting to overthrow their master.200
The endless tragedy of fate... Why must you torment me so?200
Let me tell you this: Evil will always breed more evil, and will never be satisfied with what it has.198
I could not risk taking the message directly, for I feared my disguise had been uncovered.198
Hello stranger. It is rare indeed that I meet one who can see my presence, let alone one who can understand my words.198
Lucien particularly had been taking an unhealthy interest in my activities, and I had a gut feeling that to make any obvious moves against the Empty Lord would have been my undoing.196
I knew that should I have been caught, I risked being killed upon the spot, but my combat skills were always formidable, and if truth be told, there was a fair amount of dissent amongst... 'his' followers anyway.195
Should he have made a move against any other god, then he could still have been easily brought down by the combined efforts of the others.193
Mortal... Take heed of my example, and waste not your life, lest you may suffer the same fate as myself...193
Does it look like fun to you?191
This has always been the nature of evil. Perhaps he thought his power could prevent such treachery?189
If he had taken possession of this god-weapon, then his power would have been so great that he could have overthrown all on this world, and made it into his own image!189
You do not know? You have not guessed yet?188
But Dhalak was a noble man! I cannot believe that he would not have taken my message immediately to Lord Saradomin!188
I have not much to offer as reward, but for these spare robes I wore while on assignment...188
Similarly, should I ever be caught in the act of my sabotage, it was all too easy to bribe whoever found me or persuade them into believing it was just some minor treachery of my own, rather than my work for my187
Then you are a fool, and I will waste no more words upon you.184
I went immediately to my comrade Dhalak, the mage, and told him that a message had come to the lair offering this weapon for sale!183
Who knows? If it was the death curse of the Empty Lord, there may be no way to break it.181
You have no idea...181
Hold thy tongue varlet! Speak fast, how come you to find me here, and how doth you understand mine speech?181
You have ascertained the truth in my words...179
Kharrim the messenger... Last I'd heard of him, he'd headed off to Carrallagar to seek his fortune. Ya might want to check around there somewhere.176
Events of moons past, I remember not clearly...174
Ah, yer misunderstand me lass, I wasn't generalising about the whole dwarf species, I had just stolen a bundle of jewels from a very specific group of dwarves who happened to have an odious stench about them!172
Cease thy chatter and respond to my demand!171
I warn thee knave, this curse upon me hath not improved my temper, these centuries past...168
Oh, be that so? Then forgive my swift anger, and speak to me of how you plan to break this curse.163
He was Zaros.155
Then what lets you dare speak to me?154
Well, we knew little about her or she would have been caught and exposed as a traitor and a spy, but Lucien did mention that he had evidence that she was a great fan of ball games...153
Ha! So the weak-willed mage was cursed along with me?151
If it was not his death curse, and he is still alive but not on this world, then the only way to break it may be to bring him back here;150
You might want to check around there. 150
Well, in my life I was nothing but a warrior. I had no hidden knowledge, I didn't especially care about the gods or their magics, and I certainly didn't respect them.150
But I would rather stay cursed than suffer under his rule again...149
Kharrim the messenger... The last I'd heard of that weasel he was claiming he'd found some underground deposit of runite ore guarded by demons and dragons.147
Ha ha ha! Oh, the curse cut deeper than I had previously thought!146
thousand foes, and may bring you luck in battle.144
It seems as though the curse that keeps me here extends to my very clothing... how many robe tops do you want?142
You have cheered me no end to let me know that this curse that has afflicted me has not left me alone here, in this void between worlds.137
Perhaps I will hunt down these others who have also been cursed as I was, but I feel I must reward you for your efforts; Here, take my cloak, it is drenched in the blood of a135
taken from its rightful place, and all who had known of its theft were cursed too. Perhaps there are others also cursed, who played no part in this tale, and were merely unlucky enough to be134
I don't know. Things do not always happen for a reason, just as tales do not always end with all of the loose ends neatly tied up and all answers supplied.133
Well stranger, rest yourself awhile, and I will recount a tale of the events of that day, for I was one of the few actually there when it happened...133
I have simply told you the events I was witness to, for I can do no more.131
When my Lord Zamorak first got his taste of godhood!131
Well now, that is an interesting turn of events... Then am I to assume that Valdez, Rennard, Kharrim and Lennissa were also cursed along with me?130
in the wrong place at the wrong time...128
You can take the snide venom out of your voice whelp, you came to me; 'twas not the other way round.128
Well now, let us see... As you may have heard tell, my affiliation lay with General Zamorak, a mighty warrior of the Mahjarrat tribe, and my skill on the battlefield had quickly brought128
And then nothing. There was a sudden flash of bright light, and then a sudden blink of cold darkness, and it was over.128
Stranger, this news has brought me a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dreary millennium! Please, ask any question you wish!127
Mahjarrats and the Vampyre, they were beings of magic.127
Who knows why the curse fell as it did? Perhaps as a mere human I was more susceptible to it, when they were not. Perhaps they too are cursed, but their life spans are so126
Oh yes, the dragon riders, Mahjarrat, demons and vampyre warriors made up the bulk of the force, but I wager I was their equal in all ways of combat.125
You are a very strange young man...123
I suggest you search the larger temples to his honour.122
Well anyway... Myself and the rest of Zamoraks honour guard were formulating stratagems in our battle-tent, when that sneaky messenger Kharrim came in offering to sell us121
Well anyway, we thought it was too good to be true, yet when we visited this scummy tavern we were amazed to discover there was no trick, no test of loyalty, no hidden trap:121
But the god wars were another story entirely...121
long that it will be millennia before they feel it upon them. Perhaps because it did not affect them, it extended backwards through time, to the moment the staff was119
Dhalak? I know not where, but he would try and make the most of his situation if he has been cursed, and find a place to lift his spirits!119
Quiet fool, all things in their course; You are disrupting my train of thought!119
Well, then a miracle happened. Or luck. Or natural justice.119
It runs through their very veins, and ebbs through their bones.119
Well, with such a weapon, the plans we had been developing for a rebellion against our lord could finally be put into action, but we knew that we would have to act swiftly, before he heard that we had a weapon118
It was then that the other gods appeared and banished Zamorak from the world completely for daring to kill one of their kind, although as it turned out it didn't quite work out that way for them, when he returned118
So anyway, Lord Zamorak and his most trusted compatriots, namely myself, Hazeel, Drakan, Thammaron and Zemouregal made plans to overthrow our lord using the god-weapon, and by pledging117
Ah, the evil swordsman Viggora... A rogue like him would probably flock to his own kind.116
And I tell thee again, I will say when it is appropriate, now do not disrupt my tale!115
Now in my... I suppose this is my death. I am but a shade on the wind, unnoticed by all who pass me, until today anyway, and the only answer I can give you is that the others who were with me, the115
No, it was not quite that simple... The Empty Lord turned away from our battle, eyes burning with hatred, and towards Zamorak instead. Seeing this, we all fought with extra vigour, so that114
Why, it was the Empty Lord versus Zamorak, in single combat! And the sight of the battle will be with me forever more...114
me to his attention.113
I am coming to that... So anyway, we made our way to the castle, under the pretense that we had war plans against Saradomin and the other deities to discuss.112
were responsible for the staff ending up in Zamorak's hands at the castle.112
Ah, it be you again! What can I do fer ya?111
So pleased was he with my bloodlust that he promoted me on the battlefield once to serve in his honour guard, and let me tell you, this was a rare honour indeed, for I was the only human chosen to take such a position.110
more solid than he had been before...109
Well, she was always sickeningly obedient to Saradomin, so I would expect her to have run to some great place of worship of him if she was affected by the curse to try and gain his blessing.108
stronger than ever, a god himself.108
Naturally, we suspected that this was some trick by our Lord to test our loyalty...107
As I heard it, I saw that I too was fading, just as the Empty Lord had, and I called to my brethren for their assistance, but they could no longer hear my words, nor see my form.107
I suspect he was pulling some scam or other, but if you know of such a place, that might be a good place to start checking.104
And as the Empty Lord faded from this world completely, I heard his voice, almost a whisper upon the wind, cursing all who had helped Zamorak in his victory, which as you now tell me seems to have been all who103
Ah, the evil swordsman Viggora... Paddewwa was where he fought many battles, perhaps he has returned to one of his old haunts?102
the god-staff of Armadyl!102
Its power was incredible, you could almost feel the energies crackling around it in the air!102
Ha, when I think of someone like Lucien struggling to lift a blade, in some ways I was even their better!100
Somehow this fool had actually managed to obtain the god-staff of Armadyl!99
Empty Lord, who seemed to lose his footing slightly, and fell in such a way so that the staff plunged deeper into his body, but also impaled Lord Zamorak with it at the same time...99
strength and power that that entails, but mortal nonetheless, but to see him fight, you would not think of him as a 'mere' anything...97
Zamorak stood over the Empty Lord who was slowly... fading from existence... And as he faded, it seemed as though... It almost seemed as though Zamorak became more real,97
capable of defeating him, and we would have to act decisively, for even amongst our group there were still those loyal to the lord - such as that pathetic fool Azzanadra.96
We decided to move immediately, before anyone got cold feet, or any other parties could interfere in our work, and made haste towards the castle where our Lord lived.95
get close enough to the castle with the staff without the Empty Lord being able to sense its presence.94
Even with the weapon of a god embedded in his back, he fought on, and with each blow our victory seemed less and less certain...94
While we distracted the Empty Lord with our feints and attacks, and kept his bodyguards busy, Lord Zamorak outflanked him, unsheathed the staff and plunged it into his back!93
If Lucien had not been otherwise occupied, he would have probably accompanied us with his magicks, but it turned out the foolish Dhalak had made his involvement unnecessary with some spells of his own allowing us to92
You can call it what you want, but as the Empty Lords hands wrapped tightly around Zamorak's throat, Lord Zamorak, kicking and screaming defiantly and radiant in his anger until the very last, plunged towards the92
allegiance to Zamorak as our master, were each to be given a large piece of land as our own in return.91
And then...91
As usual, our lord was guarded well, but this was why Zamorak had brought his most trusted fighters with him.90
Dhalak? Well, he was always a knowlegeable mage, so if this curse has befallen him as well, I would suspect he would be researching how to free himself of it.90
Ah, the evil swordsman Viggora... Perhaps he has returned to his castle in the dark lands?90
General Zamorak would not face our lord alone, but we were outnumbered by many hundreds of warriors and demons, and could not reach him to assist him!89
He was war itself! Flurry after flurry of blows he rained upon the Empty Lord, and the very castle walls shook and quivered with their power, but the Empty Lord would not fall!89
Ah, it was a glorious sight... At that moment I was reminded for whom I fought, and why General Zamorak had earned his nickname 'the scourge' upon the battlefield...88
The Empty Lord was a powerful god, stronger than any of the others awake at that time, possibly even as strong as Guthix is, and Zamorak was but a mortal: A Mahjarrat warrior all the same, with all of the88
It is entirely possible she would be located somewhere coastal to this day!71
Dhalak? He was always a loyal follower of Saradomin... I think he would have found an altar to Saradomin so that he may pray for this curse to be lifted.69
I would look for a library to find him if I were you.64
According to Lucien's intelligence report, she had been uncovered as a spy by her constant use of ships to ferry information...56
You are a very strange young woman...23
Hey, I have something for you but you don't have any space for it!18
...You are a very strange young man.12
...You are a very strange young woman.8
Yes, of course... But you will need free space in your inventory first...2