Psst... wanna buy some weapons?142
You ain't getting nuthin' off me, surface-dweller!69
Well, first up there's the normal bone club and bone spear. Good, solid frog-bone, and the spear has an iron tip. Can withstand a lot of punishment, if you know what I mean!42
But if you're after something a bit fancier, a bit more sophisticated, there's the bone crossbow and dagger.42
These are specially good for getting your prey unawares, but you're not going to get the best out of them unless you've been taught the special technique.38
So, you interested?38
Well, y'know, it's not the most reputable profession, is it? Selling weapons?29
Well, they're used to hurt people, aren't they? That's not considered very, y'know, respectable. Even though the guards use them, and the hunters, they're still considered a bit, y'know, dirty.29
Isn't it like that where you come from?29
I don't know, you surface people are strange!28
Special aiming technique. If you hit an enemy with it their defence will get weaker so you can hit them again!16
Plus, if you use this technique on an enemy who isn't expecting it, you'll always hit them! Pretty good, eh?16
'Course, there's only a few people who know it, so unless you can get someone to show you you won't be able to do it.14
Never mind. You can still use them like a normal crossbow or dagger. Are you interested?8
Good for you! So, are you interested?7
Yeah, you stay out of trouble.4