Why, yes. You must be the brave adventurer that Maisa told us was seeking our return.3
Well, it all started the day that the plagues broke out here.1
I had gone into Menaphos in the morning to get some flour and chocolate powder and, when it came time for me to return, the gates were shut.1
No, not at first. I actually didn't want to return. I didn't want to come down with the plagues so I stayed.1
Well, word must have traveled back to the slaves that their fellow slaves in Sophanem no longer had to work and so they rioted.1
It was, but Coenus, chief gate keeper of the city, stamped the revolt down fairly fast...and quite brutally.1
No, it was only stopped in the imperial and merchant quarters of the city. There is still trouble in the slums and in parts of the docks.1
Now, if you wouldn't mind, I'd rather not dwell any further on the past. Can I interest you in my goods?1