Hello again my friend, have you defeated three Ghasts as I asked you?1,179
Welcome back, my friend. I sensed that you require my help and so I have once more returned.1,048
Secateurs? That's a strange thing to enchant. Would you care to inform me why you need them?1,048
Ah, a Tanglefoot! Your information is correct, secateurs that have been blessed by a Nature Spirit are the only weapons that can harm such a terrible creature.1,044
Then let us begin...927
It is done!927
Have you brought me the silver sickle?924
My friend, I will bless it for you and you will then be able to accomplish great things. Now then, I must cast the enchantment. You can bless a new sickle by dipping it in the holy water of the grotto.923
Hmmm, good, the transformation is complete. Now, my friend, in return for your assistance, I will help you to kill the Ghasts. First bring to me a silver sickle so that I can bless it for you.910
Many thanks my friend, you have completed your quest! I can now change this place into a holy sanctuary! And forever will it now be an Altar of Nature!908
Welcome to my Altar to Nature! Farewell my friend, and keep those Ghasts at bay!901
Now you can go forth and make the swamp bloom. Collect natures bounty to fill a druids pouch. So armed will the Ghasts be bound to you until, you flee or they are defeated.880
You'll need this in order to collect together natures bounty. When it contains items, it will bind the Ghast to you until you flee or it is defeated.865
Farewell, %USERNAME% and good luck with your coming battle.836
The sickle is the symbol and weapon of the Druid, you need to construct one of silver so that I can bless it, with its powers you will be able to defeat the Ghasts of Mort Myre.813
I shall be glad to help you. Do you have all of the required items for the ceremony?778
Before I can make this grotto into an Altar of Nature, I need to be sure that the Ghasts will be kept at bay. Go forth into Mort Myre and slay three Ghasts. You'll be releasing their souls from Mort Myre.748
Ahhrs Oooohh arhhhhAHhhh.349
Well, when you do, please come to me and I'll reward you!257
It is for collecting natures bounty, once it contains the blossomed items of the swamp, it will make the Ghasts appear and you can then attack them.126
Alright, my friend. Return to me when you have all that is required. I shall be waiting.123
Go forth and with the sickle make the swamp bloom. Collect natures bounty to fill a druids pouch. So armed will the Ghasts be bound to you until, you flee or they are defeated.93
My blessings will entice nature to bloom in Mort Myre! And then with natures harvest you can fill a druids pouch and release the Ghasts from their torment.70
You may use it wisely within the area of Mort Myre to affect natures balance and bring forth a bounty of natures harvest. Once collected into the druid pouch will the Ghast be apparent.57
You could make one yourself if you're artisan enough. I've heard of a distant sandy place where you can buy the mould that you require, it's similar in many respects to the creating of a holy symbol.43
Why, I will give it my blessings so that the very swamp in which you stand will blossom and bloom!39
If you should lose the blessed sickle, simply bring another to my altar of nature and refresh it in the grotto waters.19
Hello, %USERNAME%. Why have you returned so soon after your last visit?13
That's alright, if you bring me the components for the spell, I'll enchant another pair for you.12
Would you happen to have all of the required items for the ceremony with you now?7
Well, come to me when you have it.1