I should fry you for what you have done...1,526
You dare to face me again - you must be truly insane!!!!1,300
Please no! I will do whatever you say!!1,281
A petition you say? Continue, mortal.1,081
I see.1,081
Oh yes.1,080
NO!!!!! Get out of my sight before I burn every ounce of flesh from your bones!!!!!1,079
You dare to speak that name in this place?????1,069
Silence!! Or I will incinerate the flesh from your bones!!!1,065
Get out of my sight!! Or I promise you that you will regret your insolence for the rest of eternity!!!1,065
... ghost who so wishes ... 1,050
... pass into the next world.1,050
I - will - let ...1,049
... any ... 1,049
Woooo wooo wooooo woooo831
Cluck cluck squuuaaaakkkk cluck cluck124
I think I've laid an egg...122
Knock knock120
Egbert no bacon.120
No - listen to me. Go from this place and do not return, or I will remove your head.80
I will answer questions when you are dead!!70
Speak to me again and I will rend the soul from your flesh.68
I do not answer questions, mortal fool!!67
Nobody speaks to me unless I speak to them!!!64
You dare to speak to me??? Have you lost your wits????56
I have almost completely lost patience with you, mortal. Another word, and every threat I have uttered will be made real for you.48
Oh goody goody. I just can't wait.23
Oh, I do admire an activist. Do let me know when you're finished, and I'll give it my fullest consideration.4