Are we there yet?2,281
North... I think.1,147
Yes: north.1,147
Are you sure this is a good idea?1,147
That camel!1,145
Slow down!1,143
You're too close to the pyramid!1,139
I think we're lost.1,139
I said left at the camel!1,138
(Neite whispers in Bob's ear.)283
Come here you.279
So you're supposed to be Robert the Strong?274
Oh... furballs!270
Hello, to what do I owe this pleasure?270
What are you talking about?238
I'm hunting frogs and locusts.9
Wayuckk! No, I would never debase myself to eat such filth.8
I am a cat of high breeding! My family tree dates back to days before any sultan or king of Gielinor.8
I am my own cat. I'm not owned by anyone, although I do permit the high priest of Icthlarin to feed me.6
The old high priest was a vindictive and cranky old man. If he ever didn't get his way, he would make everyone suffer until someone crumbled and gave in to his will. I must say that I respected that in him.5
The new high priest is a bit of a wet towel. He is very unsure of himself and has little respect from the people of the town.5
That's probably because most of the townsfolk fled as soon as the plague broke out. They had no confidence in him to fix things. Though, I must say, he treats me much better than the old high priest.5
What do you mean by 'do'?5
No, no, I just hunt them, play with them for a bit and then kill them.5
What's evil about a little destruction?5
Hssss. Life can come from destruction too. Take a volcano; it will destroy all life that surrounds it, but it will also fertilise and enrich the surrounding earth. From that earth, more life will spring forth than there5
was in the first place.5
I sssshouldn't talk to strangers.4
Purrr... Nice to meet you, %USERNAME%. My name is Neite.4
A large black cat, purrr?4
I don't know if you could ever get to know that cat. He is a bit of an enigma...always wandering but yet no one knows what he's looking for. He's quite a handsome beast, though!4
Well, life here in the desert can be a lonely existence, even with all my busy work...and he is the most eligible bachelor around. When I hear about him, it makes my whiskers tingle... But, to be honest, he worries me.4
Well, I pride myself on my knowledge of the family lines of cats. Obviously, Bob features quite heavily in most cats' family trees, but he himself has none!4
I mean, nobody is sure where he came from. Not even the Sssphinx knows. It's just one of those mysteries. There are even ancient drawings and ssstories that talk of a warrior known as 'Robert' and his ssstruggles4
against the dragon-kin. He fought with a ferocious black panther who could swallow houses in one gulp!4
The kin? Well, it's mostly just stories. Some say they were the first - the true ancient race of this world. They were sssupposed to have harnessed the power of dragons, making the wild creatures do their bidding.4
Somehow they manipulated the dragons' eggs and made them their own! Then the ssstories just end, as if they disappeared into the sssmoke.4
Well, like I say, they are just stories. Probably some tale a gnomish mother invented to keep her little tykes from running off into the forest alone!4
It would be my pleasure. I don't like riddles at the best of times! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some washing to do.4
The Sphinx has no friends. She is too wrapped up in preserving her immortality for friends.4
Nothing of the sorts. I have nothing but respect for her.4
Well, because her immortality is based on the fact that she keeps us cats safe, so her whole existence is dedicated to protecting us.4
True, life shouldn't be hoarded but lived...but don't tell her that; otherwise I'd have to be on the lookout for a new guardian.4
Oh, stop being so condescending, you silly human, or I'll rip your face off.4
I disagree. It's in my nature to prey on smaller pathetic life forms in the same way as it is in the volcanoes nature to explode.3
Who? Someone glamorous, I'd bet, or perhaps regal.3
Hisss!!! What? Hiss!!!3
What is?3
Don't mock me. I do that to seek vengeance.3
Hiss, nothing.3
It's a long story.3
Hmm... Maybe... Why not. Do you know what The Wanderer's true form is?3
No, that's not her true form. She has only taken to adopting a form similar to this recently, although she's had many other forms since we rose up against her.3
Her acolytes and her priestesses.3
No; I wasn't always a cat.3
No, I used to be human. In fact, I was one of her chief priestesses...but that was before we rose up.3
The Devourer was so in love with death and destruction that she even started destroying her own worshipers. We tolerated this until she even started to destroy her own temples and clergy.3
The last of her priestesses gathered and cursed her. Unfortunately, she also cast a spell of her own, condemning us to an eternity of walking Gielinor in her form.3
She's as much of a cat as Icthlarin is a dog.3
We cursed her so that her name would be forgotten, that any corporeal body she adopted would soon cast her out and never again would she gather willing worshipers.3
We could have, but at that point, our thirst for destruction was well sated.3
Hmm... She is not remembered; only her foul deeds are. As for adopting a form, I believe the next time you come across her, she will have been forced to find a new host.3
Well, the quality of the help that she has been forced to take has been quite poor recently; you failed in the simple task of retrieving a jar for her.3
I'm sure your cat did most of the hard work.3
Hiss! Suit yourself, human.2
Well, because the few remaining of us still possess some degree of the powers she gave us.2
I refuse to answer that; the less that people know about this, the safer I am.2
Recently I have noticed that The Devourer has focused her attentions more on cats. I think she might believe that if all her original followers die, the curse will lift.2
It is not in Icthlarin's best interest to let us die, so we will never die of natural causes.2
Spite sustains me.2
Don't we all!1
With what?1
Hah! Those insane earth burrowers! They got their come-uppance!1
They thought they could undermine the mighty Elidinis so she buried them. They have never been seen around here since.1
Under herself.1
Pah! Stupid human. I don't know why I bother to talk to you.1