Here, solve this.1,363
Well done %USERNAME%. Here you go.1,356
No no no! I won't get back to training, leave me alone!60
Oh, you're not the drill sergeant, please don't tell them I'm hiding over here.54
When I was growing up, all I ever wanted to be was a fisherman. I wanted to go and live in Port Piscarilius and sail the vast ocean to the east.41
My parents though... they hate the people of Piscarilius and wanted me to do so as well. They said I must be a soldier and bring honour to Shayzien.41
I just can't handle it though, the training is too intense, my heart is just not in it. That's why I'm out here, I'm not going back until the drill sergeant finishes his session.40
That doesn't look solved to me.22
Please make yourself some space, I have something for you.20
Please please! I'll do anything, please don't tell the sergeant! I'll be the laughing stock of the whole kingdom.7
I don't have that much. I'll give you all I can for you to keep quiet, how is 1 gold coin?7