Ah, hello again. Can I help at all?1,289
You're're sure you're not going to eat me?1,238
What's this, a young hatchling? Oh no, I hope it doesn't think I'm its dinner!1,220
Wow, that really is a very convincing disguise. Have you got one for me too?1,213
I'll do better than that. I'll teach you how to capture one yourself.1,172
Come with me and I'll show you.1,153
Excellent, now there is no way the eagle will be able to tell me from one of its own.1,149
And now...we wait. Quietly!1,144
Did I mention we wait quietly?1,143
Ha ha, there you go! One gift-wrapped ferret ready for delivery.1,142
See, it's all just a matter of patience.1,137
Well I think trapped is quite a negative way of looking at it.1,105
Hello? Er... excuse me?1,099
Aha, I see my reputation precedes me. Yes, I am the renowned hunter and explorer Nickolaus. You've arrived just in time to witness a very momentous occasion, for I have just discovered the nest of a giant1,097
Hello? Er... excuse me?1,093
Actually I believe you could. I need to somehow trick the eagles into thinking I'm one of them. Could you fashion some sort of disguise for me?1,091
Well, you could go and speak to the fancy dress shop owner in Varrock. He can make anything if you give him the right materials. In fact you should probably get a couple of disguises, one for each of us.1,091
Ah yes, he sent me to find a ferret. A trivial task, and one which pales in comparison compared to this momentous discovery. I'm sure he can wait.1,022
Well that's very kind of you, but I'm afraid all my equipment is down at the camp site.950
Shhh, here comes something.836
Now you run off, and I'll meet you back down at the camp site.828
eagle. And a most amazing discovery it is too, even if I do say so myself.823
I will admit however that getting out of here may be a little tricky. I did have a plan, but unfortunately it didn't involve being stuck in this nest.784
I'd go with you but currently I'm somewhat, er...686
Well bring it over here then. It's not much use to me over there.387
Wonderfully thank you, although I am still having just a little trouble convincing them to let me leave.348
I don't suppose you've managed to get that disguise I asked for yet?314
Calm down. You must realise I can't leave just like that, this is far too amazing an opportunity. Just go down to the camp site and I'll meet you there.95
Ah wonderfully. They're actually most cooperative creatures once they get used to you. With some rope I'm sure you could find some way to tame them... maybe even fly on them.85
Oh many people believe so, yes, but my relentless exploration has paid off once again, for I stand now in the nest of such a supposedly mythical creature.77
Through unfaltering dedication, attention to detail, oh, and I suppose there's the minor point that I got carried here by an eagle.74
So it might appear to an amateur yes, and, well, I may have been a little lucky, but it's still a remarkable discovery don't you think?74
Well, there's all sorts to do. I need to observe its behaviour patterns and document its feeding habits. The discovery is only just the beginning you know.64
Wonderfully, these giant eagles are simply magnificent creatures. I absolutely must see about getting one as a pet.54
How very kind of you. But Nickolaus Farrick never needs rescuing. I may apparently be trapped in a giant eagle's nest, but it is all a cunning ruse to put the beast at ease.52
Well like I said, the Varrock fancy dress shop is a good bet if you have the materials, and there are plenty of feathers around here.39
And while you're working on that, I'll get back to studying these incredible winged wonders.28
It's always a pleasure to discuss my discoveries.27
What's this, a young hatchling? Oh no, I hope it doesn't think I'm its dinner!21
Wow, that really is a very convincing disguise. So there's one for me too?21
No such luck I'm afraid, but I'm sure I'll make another discovery soon enough. I always seem to.15
Very true, and certainly an opportunity I wouldn't want to miss.12
Ah you don't get out of it that easily. When you've got the time come back and see me.8
Shhhh! You'll scare the kebbits.6
Quite possibly, quite possibly, but I haven't found a creature I couldn't tame yet.5
Hmm, probably not on it's own. These eagles seem pretty observant you know. They might notice an eagle without feathers.1