What brings thee to our domain? It has been a long time since1,053
How unusual, that the one who would come unto us on this issue isn't even from Nardah. Yes, it was indeed we1,019
No that also was our doing!1,016
I do not know. The Saradominist priest persuaded the people of Nardah to throw away a statuette of Elidinis which was in the temple. As long as they do not have that image of Elidinis to pray to, then we must consider1,002
them turned away from her and the curse shalt stand.766
He came preaching the ways of Saradomin. Which is all well and good, but he also did turneth them from the path of the desert gods, especially Elidinis. Elidinis is happy to share the worship of followers, indeed Elidinis714
was allied with Saradomin many ages past. Saradominist mages even gave us those golems you met as a diplomatic gesture, so you can see we have been on good terms. However this is an outrage.666
We are a gestalt entity. We each have our own body, but our minds95
This little one doth come blundering into our abode making demands, with no thought for91
Ok we're a mostly gestalt entity. We each have own body, but77
the toilet seat up.76
As long as they do not have their statuette of Elidinis to pray to, then we47
We are powerful spirits with direct contact to the great goddess Elidinis, we do not need to be bothered by the trifles of41
We are the spirits of the river Elid, many ages ago we used to be mindless wandering spirits, with little mind or purpose, we were here even in the first age. Then great Elidinis came to the desert and bound us to her37
to the ground. Most of the human citizens perished. Nardarine had the wisdom to escape into the desert before the fighting got really serious and thus survived. However she found herself wandering lost and alone in35
of her days in the peacefulness that she craved. The oath was passed down the generations for many ages, but now seemeth to be forgotten. Now maybe thou canst see why we are not best pleased.35
river, we've 35
the wars of the gods for they have caused me so much hardship already, I wish only for a quiet life somewhere'. Elidinis replied 'I will grant this unto thee on the condition that thou swearest to forever pay fealty and34
a spring of water appear at Nardarines feet and brought stone from below the sand so that she34
That seems to be something which happens when we get emotional30
We noticed and removed the curse. Hopefully they3
That's all well and good, but i think thou should give it to the Nardah townspeople, for3
Well maybe we're not that desperate for thee to leave.2
Elidinis is one of a group of gods, known as the Menaphite Pantheon. She is the wife of their leader Tumeken. She is the Menaphite goddess of growth and fertility and goddess of the river.2
You are little in power compared to us.2