Yuv go' the stuff?1,078
Oi, mate, 'u innerested i' sum 'wares?994
I go' me sum hot 'wares, mate. Wotcha need?993
Ah, frisky nigh' on leave, eh? Betcha furgo' yur missin repor' 'oo.991
Thas wha' I sed, innit? I need sum feathers 'oo. Foive of 'em.990
Well, mate. 'U scratch me back, I stab urs, right?989
I men' in a good way. I wan' sumpin in exy-change. Ima in need of sum swamp tur.989
Yea, begreat. Then I'll guv yea 'ur stuff.989
Oi, cheers. 'Ers 'ur stuff, now git outta 'ere.989
The feds are everywhere!99
Whers me swamp tur?49
Need summat?37
U dunna need ID.30
Oi, 'u got 'ur repor'.28
Nah ain't risky. Bu' I dun run it. Me bruva, Alfredo, does. E runs the Fettuccine Mafia.26
Whers me feathers, mate?15
Didja bring de stuff?10
Go away, 'ur attractin' attention.6
I need swamp tur and foive feathers, mate.5
Whers me swamp tur 'n feathers, mate?3
Oi, git away. I'm doin' bizness 'ere.1