Thank you so much! Would you like a cup of tea before you go?11,844
I'd like a Mahogany table built.662
I'd like my clock fixed.653
I'd like my range fixed.596
I'd like a Teak table built.431
I'd like a Mahogany bed built.299
I'd like a Mahogany drawer built.285
I'd like a Mahogany bookcase built.284
Quickly, tell me - is it still there?205
I'd like a Teak drawer built.197
The THING, the THING! It was just outside my house! Has it gone away yet? Or is it still lurking out there, waiting for me to go outside?154
I'd like an Oak table built.140
I'd like a Teak bed built.135
I'd like a Teak bookcase built.135
Ohhhh, it was HORRIBLE! It was an enormous THING, with TEETH and EYES and... and... and THINGS!113
I can't. I only saw it in the dark.102
I'd like an Oak bed built.97
I was sleeping peacefully one night, when suddenly I woke up and saw it through the window. It was LOOKING at me! I haven't dared go out since then. It's had me trapped in here for days! I've packed my95
I'd like an Oak drawer built.94
You want me to go outside?88
You want me to believe that it's not real?87
bags so I can escape, but the THING's still out there waiting for me to come out! If I have to stay in here much longer I'll go mad! MAD!! MAD!!!86
No! No! I know what you are! You're in league with the THING! It keeps sending people in here to trick me into going outside! They keep stealing from me too! GO AWAY!83
Get thee gone, trickster!82
I'd like an Oak bookcase built.66
I'd like a Wooden table built.14
I'd like a Wooden bed built.9
I'd like a Wooden drawer built.9
I'd like a Wooden bookcase built.8