Hello traveller, how's things?4,890
I'm good, just working hard as usual...4,880
That's unfortunate... but don't worry, I can sort you out.3,767
Keep that quiet or I'll be in real trouble!2,839
Can I help you?1,141
Of course, we forgot to send the ammo mould!1,141
Don't be silly - the ammo's made by using a mould. Here, take these to him. The instructions explain everything.1,140
Thank you, adventurer. The Dwarf Black Guard will remember this.1,130
For the full setup, 750,000 coins. Or I can sell you the separate parts... but it'll cost extra!515
I shouldn't really, but as you helped us so much, well, I could sort something out. I'll warn you though, they don't come cheap!461
Okay then, but keep it quiet... This thing's top secret!384
There you go, you be careful with that thing.357
Take care adventurer.355
Ha ha ha, what a muddle-headed numpty you are!227
Oh dear, I'm only allowed to replace cannons that were stolen in action. I'm sorry, but you'll have to buy a new set.189
Hmmm. I think you'll find the broken cannon still happily parked on the spot where you put it.150
There's only so much I can tell you, adventurer. We've been working on this little beauty for some time now.142
In short bursts it's very effective, the most destructive weapon to date. The cannon automatically targets monsters close by. You just have to make the ammo and let rip.129
Hmmm. I think you'll find it's still happily parked on the spot where you put it.91
Of course!62
Deary me, you are trouble. Here, take this one.59
So has the Captain figured out how to work the cannon yet?46
If you can get those items to him it'll be a great help.44
Indeed I will adventurer.31
Sorry, I can't go any lower than that.25
Here, take these...10
Fair enough, it's too much for most of us.10
You can't take these things unless you free up some space in your inventory. I suggest you visit a bank and then come back to talk to me.2
Hmmm. I think you'll find most of the cannon still happily parked on the spot where you put it.2
Wait a moment, our records show you already own some cannon equipment I'm afraid you can only have one set at a time.1