What is it, human? I'm working.1,764
Put your ore on the conveyor belt to get it smelted. We'll stoke the boiler and operate the rest of the machinery for you.134
You'll have to help repair the furnace whenever a pipe blows, though. Just hit it with a hammer - that usually works.117
You'll have to put money in the coffer to pay for our services. We charge 72,000 coins per hour; money is deducted as long as you're in this room with us.102
My brothers and I have a rare genetic condition affecting our growth. Rather than treating us as freaks, you might like to appreciate how useful it is that we can operate the machinery.52
... look, do you want help with something, or did you just come here to be rude? I've got work to do.26
That's okay, human. You're not the first to comment on it. Now, did you need anything? I've got work to do here.16