What you say? Has da silly round headed fishy got da big skippy skins?1,202
Silly round head fishy done good! Gimme!1,202
You's gotta get me somefing to make dese hides to a cloak and flippers and hat, den I lets you have all the big crunchy claws you can get.1,182
Nung thinks this is a useful fishy he finds. Gimme!1,182
Ya, it real dangerous for a fishy.1,180
Ya. Tree wirey stuffs.1,179
Ya, but be a sneaky round head fishy. Da topsies has not water for a little fishy like you to breathing.1,178
You need lotsa big big stones to get down dere. Den you kill da big skippies and bring da skins to Nung.1,166
Silly round head fishy want to swaps big crunchy claws?1,165
Hah! Silly round head fishy! If you get Nung 5 big skippy skins, den maybe Nung thinking you ok.1,165
Ya! What kinda fishy you's tinkin you are?1,163
Ya, da big skippies live over dere.1,163
Well what you doin' here if you's no a fishy?1,162
Dis fishy is a funny fishy!1,162
You's here to stealin' my big crunchy claws?1,162
Hey, silly fishy wit da round head!1,161
Nung have all da wiry stuff and needly things he needs to make da biggestest skippy skin hat ever!972
You do dis, den maybe Nung let you swaps da big crunchy claws.970
But it not be easy863
Ya, da round head fishy does a good big favour for Nung.859 no real deal. I bet you no do Nung big favour.857
Maybe you get big and strong like Nung!855
Whats this fishy wanting?854
It REAL dangerous.846
Nung should smash your stoopid round head!838
You's gotta go up to da topsies, and your gotta get a needly-thing and some wirey stuff.836
I am thinkin you's ok enough to swaps the giant crunchy claws now.834
Always the big nettings was taking my big crunchy claws, I put them in the cages, and now you's come to get them.830
Swim away little fishy or I eat you till you's dead!809
You's a good little fishy, you eat as many big crunchy claws as you want.762
Hey fishy. If you's a good fishy I might sell yous bitses of skippy skin clothes.270
But Nung needs time to makes them first.240
Has da fish brung Nung the wiry stuff and the needly thing?118
Nung not supprised, the upsies is real scaredy for da little fishies like you.114
Hey fishy! You gots da skippy skins?43
Den no crunchy claws for you!38
Go get me da hides little fishy!23
Ya, dis fishy is a good fishy, but it no count good like Nung! Nung say dere are dis many hides left for da fishy to get.13