Good day, adventurer.84
I am Lord D'rows, leader of the Oathbreakers. Yourself?47
It is a job I do not take lightly.47
Pride? There is no pride in what we've done.44
We Oathbreakers were all once monks of Saradomin but have since seen that his light is false. The founder of this sanctuary had a similar story and that is why we follow in her footsteps.44
How can order and wisdom prevail in a land where chaos and destruction reign supreme? That, and a few too many muggings during my travels. If you can't beat them, become them.44
Was there anything else?43
They took a vow of silence. I speak for them.41
It is the way. When I fall, one of them will take my place as the Oath Lord.41
I never claimed that they can't communicate. They know a rudimentary hand-talk to vent their frustrations with my leadership. Making decisions is easier when no one can shout at you.41
We've been keeping an eye on Slepe lately. We could sense a darkness building as the citizens fell into their endless slumber.39
Indeed. This place was sealed, only to be reopened once Mother had awoken from her deep sleep.38
Oh, not my actual mother, you fool. Phosani, the founder of this sanctuary went by the title of 'Mother' while her followers adopted the title of 'Sister'. I'm sure you've seen them around.37
Once we'd heard that the sanctuary had been broken into, we came here posthaste.35
This nightmarish creature that the siren warned us of has made a home here. That was reason enough for her to unseal the entrance.35
Well, yes, but that fish woman claims every warrior is needed to defeat the Nightmare and that everyone asleep here is at risk.35
Treasure? This sanctuary is full of old trinkets which the hag has claimed as her own. Kill her and take them, as is the Zamorakian way.33
We must be strong, adventurer. Be strong for Mother.32
Stay strong, adventurer.19