Welcome back.2,311
What did you see? If you're not sure, you can find out by looking at the star charts dotted around the walls downstairs.1,291
Welcome to the magnificent wonder of the Observatory, where wonder is all around you, where the stars can be clutched from the heavens!1,234
Why, thanks! How might I help you?1,231
Did you bring me the mould?1,229
Is the lens finished?1,140
It's my helping hand, back again.1,123
Wonderful, at last I can fix the telescope.1,119
Oh, hi there.1,117
Thank you.1,117
%USERNAME%, I'm just going upstairs to finish off.1,113
Well, from the smell I'd guess cooking some vile concoction.1,106
Erm, yes. I think in this instance you had probably better do it.1,105
You can use the mould with molten glass to make a new lens.1,105
Superb. You'll have to go via the dungeon under the goblin settlement, seeing as the bridge is broken. You'll find stairs up to the Observatory from there.1,105
Looking good.1,102
The traveller returns!1,094
How are you getting on finding me some molten glass?1,090
Of course. We have a superb telescope up in the Observatory, on the hill.1,086
Great. Now all I need is the lens made.1,085
Excellent work, let's make the lens.1,085
That's exactly it!1,084
Oh, no, no, no. Don't listen to him, he's joking. Aren't you, my FAITHFUL assistant?1,084
Oh, I suppose there's no use keeping it secret. Did you see those houses outside?1,083
It's a horde of goblins.1,082
Well done. This will make a big difference.1,082
Oh, thanks so much.1,075
No idea. You could ask my USELESS assistant if you want.1,052
I'm just adding the finishing touches.915
Would you accompany me to the Observatory? You simply must see the telescope in operation.892
Do you have the planks yet?886
Look in your backpack for your reward, in payment for your work.865
By Saradomin's earlobes! You must be a friend of the gods indeed.853
Certainly is. Please, take a look through the telescope and tell me what you see.849
A truly marvellous invention, the likes of which you'll never behold again.840
Right, let's get this finished.825
I shall need some materials for the telescope, so it can be used again.808
Well, obviously, hence why we have a lens mould.793
Now, the bronze for the tube. Oh, assistant!790
Not you! I'm talking to my assistant.777
What did I tell you about speaking when spoken to?774
Please get me some molten glass.752
Since they moved here they have caused nothing but trouble.746
Great, just what I need. %USERNAME%, I don't suppose you could find it?740
Don't interrupt!738
Last week, my telescope was tampered with.732
Now, parts need replacing before it can be used again. They've even been messing around in the dungeons under this area. Something needs to be done.725
Arghhh! Get back to work and stop sticking your nose in!723
Go talk to him if you need some advice.718
So, %USERNAME%, you have the bronze bar?717
Stop being so rude.711
Although, he has a point. What do you say?710
Let's start with three planks of wood for the telescope base. My assistant will help with obtaining these, won't you?658
Oi! Lazy bones!637
Thank you. Wait a minute, who you calling 'old'?532
Welcome back! How can I help you today?236
Ah, I get asked about treasure trails all the time! Listen carefully and I shall tell you what I know...140
Lots of clues have degrees and minutes written on them. These are the coordinates of the place where the treasure is buried.119
I'm afraid not. Have another look. Remember, you can check the star charts on the walls for reference.119
You have to walk to the correct spot, so that your coordinates are exactly the same as the values written on the clue scroll.116
Please try and find it; again, my assistant may be able to help.114
That's Gemini, the twins.107
I think Murphy, the owner of the fishing trawler moored south of Ardougne, might be able to spare you a sextant. Then the nearest Clock Tower is south of Ardougne - you could probably get a watch there. I've105
That's Taurus, the bull.104
Lost? It must have been those pesky goblins that led you astray.104
What do you see now?104
No problem at all. Come and visit again!103
That's Scorpio, the scorpion.101
Once you know the coordinates of the place where you are, you know which way you have to walk to get to the place where the treasure is!100
That's Sagittarius, the centaur.100
To do this, you must use a sextant, a watch and a chart to find your own coordinates.98
That's Cancer, the crab.95
That's Pisces, the fish.91
That's Leo, the lion.91
This Strength potion should be a suitable reward.89
I think weapon poison would make a suitable reward.89
That's Virgo, the virtuous.87
Head north-east to find the city of Ardougne.87
That's Aries, the ram.85
With the double nature of Gemini, I can't offer you anything more suitable than a two-handed weapon.84
An armoured creature - I think I shall reward you with an amulet of protection.81
Virgo will surely provide you with an increase to Defence.80
got plenty of charts myself, here have one.78
That's Capricorn, the goat.77
As you've spotted the archer, I shall reward you with a maple longbow.77
Thanks for all your help with the telescope. What can I do for you?74
That's Aquarius, the water-bearer.73
Scorpio? Interesting. How very fitting.73
What's more suitable as a reward than some tuna?73
That's Libra, the scales.71
Scorpius, the founder of all we know relating to astronomy. There's a book about him in the reception. Perhaps you should check it out, you might learn something.71
A fierce fighter. I'm sure he'll look down on you and improve your Attack for such insight.71
I think the majestic power of the lion will raise your Hitpoints.70
Capricorn will surely reward your insight with an increase to your Strength.64
It seems suitable, then, to award you with water runes!62
Hmmm, balance, law, order - I shall award you with law runes!61
Not right now,53
*Ahem*. Back to work, please.52
but the stars may hold a secret for you.49
It was indeed.30
Wonderful. You must be very proud to have it.23
Use the molten glass with the mould.21
Fair enough. Not everyone is interested in this place, I suppose.18
That's not a problem, I've got lots of copies.10
I asked for ordinary wooden planks. If you're not sure where to get them, speak to my assistant.10
Certainly. It's not difficult.8
I think Murphy, the owner of the fishing trawler moored south of Ardougne, might be able to spare you a sextant. Then the nearest Clock Tower is south of Ardougne - you could probably get a watch there.5
Okay, no problem. See you again.4
I'd rather you show me the actual item, as opposed to the note form.3
Please bring me one, then.3
How do you know tha-2
I mean, of course not, what a silly idea.2
Um... Are you sure? I think you've got one stored somewhere.2
Have you got some space for your reward?2
Come see me again when you have a few free spaces in your inventory.2
I really need it. Please hurry.2
Hurry and free up some space, then.1
Interesting. You might be onto something there. Keep looking.1
Oh dear. I really do need some help.1
If you see anyone who can help then please send them my way.1
That's no good. I asked for ordinary planks. If you can't find out where they are, talk to my assistant.1