Snowflake, are you there? Reason tells me there is light in here, but my mind sees darkness.893
Um... Don't worry, Mother, this is totally normal for a dead wizard. It's the magic escaping from the cadaver...704
My Arm is clearly a great warrior, beyond the skills of any Weiss troll. We should welcome him into the tribe.701
It can be hard to interest trolls in the delicate skill of Firemaking, sometimes. But perhaps Snowflake can find my lost notes, and carry on the science. She's far smarter than her father.649
... I suppose I have no secrets, now, even from the age- old enemy of Weiss. But you and I are thinkers, and in other circumstances we might have been friends.646
That's the one that traps his enemies, and helps him beat them to a pulp. Definitely his favourite. He must intend to kill you all.623
Snowflake, you must take over Weiss. You saw what Mother did to you, and to me, and to My Arm. Trolls will never be more than thuggish monsters as long as he rules.621
I can smell that Mother has lit a Fire of Domination, up above. He never cared for most of my inventions, but he liked that one.619
Thank you, child...617
... no, I don't think so. I am glad you are here with me, Snowflake. I must tell you something...613
The Fire of Domination will block teleportation magicks, and it also aids Mother in a fight. It makes him incredibly dangerous.612
But I never invented a fire that could stave off the eternal dark, and... I feel it coming.611
These salts in the mine - I invented ways to combine them, unlock their power. In a fire, they can work wonders.597
I wrote down my inventions, but many of my notes are lost. Mother only ever cared about the Fire of Domination, and fires he could use for combat.596
Come on, Mother. That man was our mortal enemy, and now My Arm's brought us his corpse. Accept My Arm as a friend and let's move on like civilised people.594
It's a real pleasure to meet you, My Arm. And you too, %USERNAME%. I look forward tremendously to working with you both.342
You really shouldn't speak to her that way, Mother. It's incredibly rude.341
Yes, that's right. They treated him as a great hero after he drove us out of our tunnels.316
Ah, no. He surely won't agree to die. But perhaps he can pretend he's dead, while My Arm tricks Mother into believing it. Can you ask him, %USERNAME%?303
That Wise Young Man drove us out into the barren icy mountains. Without Mother's strength to overcome obstacles and catch food, I believe we would have perished.302
Yes! If you kill the human who drove us out from the Keldagrim tunnels, Mother will call you a hero and be pleased for you to marry Snowflake. Can you go and do it?301
She doesn't want that, you know.275
In return, we can teach you all about the special fires we've invented. They can be very useful.260
That sounds jolly exciting!254
Mother's strength saved this tribe, in the past. That's how he became chief. He truly believes that if our chief is not physically strong, we will die out.235
You see, we have not always lived in Weiss. We used to live further south, near the dwarf town they call Keldagrim, until we were driven out...206
I deplore violence. No, I want Mother to let Snowflake marry My Arm, instead of marrying Don't Know What. Snowflake's smart, and she'll rule us better.204
Oh, Mother's been annoying me for years. He doesn't care about anything except fighting. Whatever I invent for him, he ignores it completely if he can't use it in combat.197
So we will need Mother to gain respect for My Arm, so that he'll consent to the marriage.185
But if she marries Don't Know What, he'll insist on ruling Weiss himself like Mother does - and he's no better than Mother. So I'd rather My Arm stayed here and married Snowflake.177
That's why he dismissed My Arm's farming expertise too. He's really holding Weiss back. Trolls should aspire to be more than just lumbering monsters.171
Mother won't change himself, and none of us are strong enough to force him, especially with Don't Know What guarding him... but maybe My Arm can help.162
I see.66
Let's not have any unnecessary killing.60
Yes, that would impress Mother very much.37
I am glad you are here with me, Snowflake. I must tell you something...7
Perhaps Snowflake can find my notes, where I wrote down my inventions. Then she can carry on the science. She's far smarter than her father.3
Ah. Mother is our chief, and as his daughter, Snowflake is the heir to the throne of Weiss. So Snowflake or her future husband will rule this town. My Arm may be a charming chappy...2
... but Snowflake shouldn't be expected to run away from Weiss, abandoning what's hers. No, we should try to keep My Arm here.2