Nope, we like Snowflake.1,004
Mother cannot mean to kill Snowflake, surely?918
Um... that was not what I meant.741
Hey, friend of Snowflake!6
Hey, human.5
I am Odd Stone. Got named after some odd stone thing I found in snowfields south of Weiss.2
Yeah, it were made of stone, and it were odd. Some weird bone-head human saw me trying to nibble it, an' he got really upset an' chased me away. He kinda scary.2
Anyway, my parents, they named me Odd Stone after that, and now we trolls not go anywhere near the place. Bone-head human was, like, really scary! And probably magic.2
No, we trolls blocked all routes to snowfields from here. Don't want scary bone-head human coming to Weiss.2
Eh, it kinda rough, but it our home. Odd Mushroom say he can make it nicer with fancy fires what he invented, but Mother not interested in that, so Odd Mushroom not allowed to do it.2
Mother only care about stuff to help him fight better. An he really big, an' he boss, so we do what he say.2
This here is Weiss. Trolls built it years ago, after we got kicked out from caves further south. Now Weiss is our home.1
We done pretty good here, an' Snowflake say she planning something to make food better too. Yup, Weiss is good place.1
Eh, it kinda rough, but it getting better. Snowflake, she taught us goutweed farming. Goat, wolf, human all taste so much nicer with goutweed in.1
So yeah, Weiss is good place to live, now Snowflake in charge. All trolls like Snowflake. Her husband troll kinda weird, but that not our problem.1