What to buy? What to buy?17
Only if you can help me make a suggestion on what to buy.8
No, not really. I just need some advice on what to buy, that's all.8
Oh, hello human.8
You're right, this is a little drab. I shouldn't really go around Keldagrim-West wearing this, should I?2
Of course I still don't know what colour I should get. I don't want to accidentally offend the wrong company of course.2
What would I do with a rope?2
I don't do a lot of adventuring to be honest.2
Now that's the best idea I've heard all day.1
No, I don't think so. I think I'd rather buy something with my money after all.1
I don't think so. The warhammer shop is run by the Red Axe. I'd rather stay out of there.1
They're all a lot of bullies if you ask me.1
They may have, but I still think that shopkeeper is in league with them, banners or no.1
No one is selling hats here, that's not a very helpful suggestion at all.1