Where my gold from dat dirty Toban?1,216
Well, well, the little t'ing has got it! Take dis to show little t'ing is a friend to da ogres. Hahahahaha!1,118
Why you here, little t'ing?1,075
You got no business there!1,073
South-east of here der is more ogres - the name of the chieftain is Toban. He stole gold from me and I want it back!1,060
Just a minute... Maybe if you did somet'ing for me, I might help you get in.861
Here is a key to the chest it's in. If you bring it here, I may reward you...774
No you don't! If you want to impress me, get da gold I asked for!70
It's the little t'ing again.60
No, I have no more tasks for you, now go away.24
Are you blind? I can see you got it even from here!9
I got somet'ing to give you, so you can help me, but you got to have some free space to carry it. Come see me when you do.9
Don't come back until you have it, unless you wanna be on tonight's menu!4
Kill me, eh? You shall be crushed. Guards!3
Oh yeah? What's dat den?3
Stoopid! Take another and don't lose it!1