Oi! Little thing. If you want to cross here, you must pay me 20 gold pieces first!2,626
That's what I said, like it or lump it.2,590
A wise choice, little thing.2,408
Oi! Where do you think you are going? You are for the cooking pot!1,234
Stop, creature! Oh it's you. Well, what have you got for us, then?1,218
Creature, did you bring me the gold?1,214
Prove it to us with a gift. Get us something from the market.1,208
Surprise us...1,202
Well, well, look at this. My favourite: rock cake! Okay, we will let it through.1,181
Well, what proof of friendship did you bring?1,174
Yous needs ta stay away from dis place...yous get da sickies and mebe yous goes to dead if yous da unlucky fing.1,159
Halt! You cannot pass here.1,144
It's got the statue of Dalgroth. Welcome to Gu'Tanoth, friend of the ogres.1,140
It's brought it! On your way.1,136
You will be my friend only with gold. Bring me a bar of pure gold and I will let you pass.1,123
Stop, creature! Only ogres and their friends allowed in this city. Show me a sign of companionship, like a lost relic or somefing, and you may pass.1,116
Ok, dat is da big, big scary, danger fing! You's sure you's wants to go in?1,090
Ok, I opens da stoppa's for yous creature.1,089
Ok der' yous goes!1,078
Until then, back to whence you came!959
It's the small creature; you may pass.315
What do you want, small thing? Leave us alone!236
I know you, creature; you may pass.111
Hey yous tryin' not to get da sickies else yous be da sick-un and mebe get to be a dead-un if yous be da unlucky fing.108
In that case you're not crossing.106
And where is your money? Grrrr! Do you want to get hurt or something?95
No gold, no passage. Get out of this city!58
Yeah, whats yous wants creatures?53
You didn't bring anything! Shove off!32
Why have you returned with no proof of companionship? Back to whence you came!27
It's that creature again. This time we will let it go.25
That is not what I want, creature! Bring me a bar of pure gold and I will let you pass.22
That is of no use to me, creature!17
We's grabbed da closes dead-uns to stop da zogries gettin''se dead-uns coffins got da old-uns boneses and older-stuff in 'em, Grish seys we's needs to guard 'em...I's does what Grish seys.17
I's is guardin' da coffins-ies- make sure no fieves nick stuff from 'em. If dey's do, dey get's bashed and shoved down da big 'ole and get deaded by da zogries in da deadies place. So yous creature be wares...ok!13
No thank you, creature. You are already my friend.12
Da Zogries comes from da deadies place - deys attacking all da jig-dancers wot do da god stuff... jiggin an all. Dem zogries gonna dead all on us wiv da sickies.11
Me's was born's wantin' to dead many what ogries meant to do...9
What's this thing? It looks a bit like our Dalgroth... but it's broken. Go away!7
Yous best not touch dem till yous chat wiv Grish - use look at dem again more when yous do stuff for Grish.6
You can help by being tonight's dinner, or you can go away. Now, which shall it be?6
No thank you, creature. You have already proven your companionship.4
Back to whence you came!3
No thank you, creature, the rock cake you brought me was plenty.2