Ahhhhhhhh... Much better.1,050
Who is that? Identify yourself!1,049,043
Nothing... Just carving these horribly broken pieces of driftwood.1,038
Well, okay...but could I have a little of that food first? I've had nothing but seaweed and biscuits for the past week.1,034
I won't...go...anywhere. I don' if I...freeze.1,021
Wait! Would you do me a favour?1,009
Look, you see that heap of driftwood over there? That is my ship, and all that is left of my one shot at making my ancestors proud of me.1,004
I'll sit here and practice carving.1,000
Thank you! I don't have much apart from my carvings, some driftwood and the map that I was following when I had my little...988
Well, I have a little food left, although it's a little briny.984
Wonderful! I'll carve them up now.984
Well, none of these are any good. I'll need some fresh wood from a decent tree.980
And this one is for my son, Volf. Kids love planks in my experience. Tell him I said hello.979
Yes. Hurry back! And don't forget the story: I'm not here, I'm someplace far away.973
Yes...great eyes...they run in the family.972
Well, regardless, you've more than earned this map. It was the last one my grandfather, Sven the Helmsman, ever made.762
In the middle of nowhere.720
In damp clothing.718
I wish you luck!711
I'd rather...die...than suffer...the shame.697
If you pass this way again, I'll be glad if you drop my next load of work off with my family.693
However, a big storm - yes, a huge storm in fact - blew my ship onto the rocks. Three times.691
If you take a couple of carvings to my wife and son in the village over the hill and tell them that I sent you with them from a distant island, then I can wait out here for a week or so before returning.689
This is for my wife, Ingrid. I'm sure she will love it. Tell her it's tribal or something.686
That or bring me some food before I starve. Whichever.685
My family have always been great explorers and seafarers, and I recently set off on my maiden voyage.681
Just get burning. Use...these.671
I've been sitting here ever since, trying to think of a way to make my family proud, and if you will help me...I think I have a way.664
Could you bring me some of that wood so I can work it?663
When I was swimming for my life I saw an odd-looking windswept tree to the east of here, up that cliff.649
It is supposed to show the location of one of his stashes of treasure, but I have never been able to decipher the strange, runic inscriptions that point the way.628
If you help me out, then I'll gladly hand it over.598
Okay, okay, I was only asking.521
Oh... That was a banquet compared to the stuff I've been living off.485
Look, I'm sorry, okay. Remember that I followed this map and ended up on the rocks.480
Look, I have a bit of a confession. I think that the map may well be cursed.426
It may be nothing, after all, but I think you should be very careful if you go looking for the treasure.390
Hey! I'm trying to carve and you're standing in my light! Move it!142
You lost the treasured map of Sven the Helmsman? How dare you!64
So, how did my wife like her carving?55
So... Got the logs for me yet?53
You'd best take better care of this one, or else!44
Still cold. Still damp. 'Bout average, really.43
Get lost, outlander! I've no time for you!43
So...very...cold. Almost cold enough to tear up an old map with my fevered shivering. Cough, cough.38
Well, take your time over it, why don't you.35
Did my son like his present? I'll bet he was thrilled.32
Well, hurry up and give it to her then!26
I won't...go...anywhere until...I'm ready. I don' if I...freeze.24
Hmmm...even when I cut up that wood you won't have enough free space to carry both the carvings I'll be doing. Come back when you have some space in your pack.23
Yes, you're right.22
I wish i could see her again...21
Just get burning again. I have...some can use...when you can carry it.19
I'll hand it over when you have the space to carry it, and not before!10
I'll bet he's grown since I left, those many, many, many...hours ago.7
I suppose you've more than earned it. It was the last one my grandfather, Sven the Helmsman, ever made.6
You have a good point. I can't wait to get back.6
You don't even have free space for a new one! Go away and don't bother me until you do.4
Bah! Well, if you aren't going to help, do me a favour and jump off that cliff!3