Hello again to you %FREMENNIK_NAME%. Us bards should stick together, what?1,283
Wow! That was awesome! You are one of the greatest bards I have ever had the pleasure of watching performing!874
Oh! Superb! Those are great! They're just what I was looking for! Here, take this song with my compliments! It is one of my finest works yet!827
That depends outerlander... Do you have some new boots for me? My feet get so tired roaming the land...826
You have certainly earned my vote! I hope we can duet together soon!812
Oh my! This must be the jaw of a legendary Basilisk Knight. There's a great song about how the Fremennik warriors of old would use these jaws to enhance their helmets.809
I'm sure it would, %FREMENNIK_NAME%. Now, do you want to hear the song?804
Hello? Yes? You want something, outerlander?755
Why, indeed I am, outerlander! My talents as an exemplary musician made it difficult for them not to accept me! Why do you wish to know this?752
Ahhh... and you wish to earn my vote? I will gladly accept you as a Fremennik should you be able to prove yourself to have a little musical ability!749
Why, by playing in our longhall! All you need to do is impress the revellers there with a few verses of an epic of your own creation!748
That is great news outerlander! We always need more music lovers here!742
Why do you ask?691
So what say you outerlander? Are you up for the challenge?557
Well, as official Fremennik bard, it falls within my remit to compose all music for the tribe. I am fully versed in all the various types of romantic music.549
Well... normally I would be thrilled at the chance to show my skill as a poet in composing a seductively romantic ballad...548
...but unfortunately I cannot concentrate fully upon my work recently.545
It is these old worn out shoes of mine... As a bard I am expected to wander the lands, singing of the glorious battles of our warriors.541
Is that clear enough, outerlander? Would you like me to repeat anything?507
Well, first of all you are going to need an instrument. Like all true bards you are going to have to make this yourself.415
Well, it is a long and drawn-out process. Just east of this village there is an unusually musical tree that can be used to make very high quality instruments.413
Next you will need to string your lyre. There is a troll to the South-east who has some golden wool. I would not recommend using anything else to string your lyre with.408
Well, when you have crafted your lyre you will need the blessing of the Fossegrimen to tune your lyre to perfection before you even consider a public performance.405
Fossegrimen is a lake spirit that lives just a little way South-west of this village. Make her an offering of fish, and you will then be ready for your performance.403
A raw shark, manta ray, or sea turtle should be sufficient as an offering.397
When you have crafted your lyre and been blessed by Fossegrimen, then you will finally be ready to make your performance to the revellers at the longhall.396
If you can find me a pair of sturdy boots to replace these old worn out ones of mine, I will be happy to spend the time on composing you a romantic ballad.394
Cut a piece from it, and then carve it into a special shape that will allow you to string it. Using a knife as you would craft any other wooden object would be best for this.340
Make sure you give her a suitable offering however. If the offering is found to be unworthy, then you may find yourself unable to play your lyre with any skill at all!322
Head past the bouncers and onto the stage, and then begin to play. If all goes well, you should find the music spring to your mind and sing your own epic on the spot.319
I will observe both you and the audience, and if you show enough talent, I will happily vote in your favour at the council of elders.285
That's right! If you know that then you'll also know that they cost 99000 coins.281
Have fun with it.226
You have a truly poetic soul! Anyone who can compose such a beautiful epic, and then perform it so flawlessly can only bring good to our clan!200
Absolutely! We must collaborate together on a duet sometime, don't you think?195
Ah, it but a small thing outerlander. Simply make yourself an instrument, get the blessing of Fossegrimen, and then sing your own ballad at the longhall.184
Well, that is an interesting question. Let me let you into a little secret. If you make another offering to Fossegrimen you will learn a secret melody.72
It is the song of Rellekka. When you play it, it will bring you back to this town wherever you are in this world.67
Not a problem outerlander. When you have your lyre and have been blessed, you will be able to pass the bouncer at the stage entrance of the longhall.65
I'm sorry, no I don't.62
Yes, but you don't know all of the music in the land.59
We often go adventuring with bards for precisely this reason; No matter where we have ended up we can return safe and sound to home.58
He will not let you pass unless he believes you are ready to perform on stage. Simply go past him and onto the stage and use your lyre, and you will49
begin to play to entertain the revellers. If all has gone well, you will feel the music come to your mind, unbidden, as you sing an epic of your exploits.41
I will watch your performance from backstage, and also study how much the crowd likes you, and if I believe you have enough talent, then I will vote for you at the council.39
Well, they do.21
Most certainly, and free of charge!20
I'm sorry outerlander... If I did, I would not trouble you to go and find them for me, would I?16
There are three parts to making the lyre; First you need to cut some special wood from the special musical tree which can be found just east of Rellekka.12
Save up some more then!10
Certainly outerlander! Fossegrimen is a lake spirit who lives in the lake just to the South-west of here. She will bless you so that you may play your lyre,10
When you have the wood, you will need to use a knife to craft it into a Lyre. When you have an unstrung lyre, you will need to string it before you can play it.9
if you give her a worthy offering. She will only accept raw fish, so place a raw fish on her pedestal, and she will bless you. The better the offering, the longer8
I would not use anything other than the golden string of Lalli, a troll who lives in a cave just to the South-east.7
the amount of time you will be blessed for. You will not be able to perform on stage without the blessing of the Fossegrimen.6
Ahhh.... outerlander... it is the most beautiful romantic ballad I have ever been inspired to write...3
Only a woman with a heart of icey stone could fail to be moved by its beauty!3
Begone exile, before I call the Fremennik guards!3
I am afraid I cannot speak to outerlanders. Besides, I am busy composing an epic.2
Leave exile, before I alert the guards.1
Hello again to you %USERNAME% Drapare. Us bards should stick together, what?1
I'm sure it would, %USERNAME% Drapare. Now, do you want to hear the song?1
Unfortunately the Music Cape is only available with a free hood. So you'll need to free up some inventory space before I can sell you one.1
I'm sorry, you are our brother no more. I cannot help you. Leave, before I must call the guards.1