I don't remember; I am so old and my memory goes back only so far...2,588
Yes, I would love a nice hot cup of nettle tea.2,584
Answer this, please.1,509
Well done.1,503
Necrovarus had a magical robe for which he must have no more use. Only these robes hold the power needed to perform the enchantment.1,212
Well, that's a stroke of luck.1,119
Yes, but it's not in my special cup! I only ever drink from my special cup!!1,106
I have lived here on my own for many years, but not always. When I left Port Phasmatys, I took my son with me. He grew up to be a fine boy, always in love with the sea. 1,074
If you ever see him, please give him this...and tell him that his mother still loves him.1,074
Good - the robes of Necrovarus.1,070
Ah, that's better. Now, let me see... Yes, I was once a disciple of Necrovarus.1,067
Velorina? That name sounds familiar...1,067
They are all dead, then. Even Velorina. I should have done something to stop what was happening, instead of running away.1,066
There might be one way...1,066
Yes, he made it himself. It is a model of the very ship in which he sailed away. The paint has peeled off and it has lost its flag, but I could never throw it away.1,065
Ah, I know them; shame about those cows. Why would they think that I could help?980
Well, the poor young lady has such family problems; I quite feel her pain. I'd be happy to help.980
Talk to me again with a ghostspeak amulet and some space in your backpack and I'll be ready to work on this little good deed. The way I plan is quite simple, really.978
I most certainly am; there you go.975
Just being a good neighbour.975
He was about twelve years old when he ran away with some pirates to be a cabin boy. I never saw him again.853
All his rituals came from a book written by an ancient sorcerer from the East called Haricanto. Bring me this strange book.851
I cannot read the strange letters of the eastern lands. I will need something to help me translate the book.832
The Book of Haricanto! I have no idea how you came by this, but well done!!830
Do you have such a thing as a ghostspeak amulet?821
There is an enchantment that I can perform on such an amulet that will give it the power of command over ghosts. It will work only once, but it will enable you to command Necrovarus to let the ghosts pass on.806
Wonderful; that's everything I need.779
Yes, Velorina was once a very good friend! It has been many years since we spoke last. How is she?746
I will now perform the ritual of enchantment.731
A translation manual - yes, this should do the job.713
I can mirror part of the unused mystical essence of the ghostspeak amulet, bind it with Alice's hair and thus create a second amulet.713
You seem to have one of her golden hairs on your shoulder, so I can use that...712
The second amulet will be useful for the purpose you desire, though it won't work for any other ghost or human other than the farmer and his wife.694
Oh no, it hasn't got milk in it. I only drink tea with milk, I'm afraid.502
Did it work?217
I believe they grow wild in the Haunted Forest.96
Disgraceful! Deliver that amulet; a young lady's happiness depends upon it.94
I can't help but shed a tear about my own family. My sisters are so vile, I refuse to talk to them these days.82
Never mind; we've reunited a happy family of farmers; that's enough for me.80
So Necrovarus has let the ghosts go free.... You have achieved many wonderful things, my young friend.54
I already gave you a cup - what did you do with it?35
When 100 years old you reach, look like a prune you will.32
Goodness! Where is he?32
Oh thank you!! I will travel to see him as soon as I am able!!32
I lived here when this was all just fields, you know.31
I'm over 100 years old, you know.20
I never expected that you would find him - although if you do, please let me know.17
You have given me the Book of Haricanto.15
You have given me a translation manual.13
I most certainly am, but you don't have space in your backpack.11
I didn't hear the magic word...9
Sorry, didn't quite catch that...9
Oh, alright; come here, then.9
You have already given me the robes of Necrovarus.7
Oh, thanks, but I'm not really thirsty at the moment.4
Well, you'll need to find one.3
No, I've found it - here you go.2
Oh dear, that's unfortunate. You'll have to go and find another one, then.2