I was minding my own business in that abandoned shack for the night and suddenly I could hear...10
No... Don't interrupt!10
What did I say about interruptions?10
The chiming grew louder and started to sound like the knocking of bones. I was in the bed hiding under the moth-eaten sheet - ignorance is bliss, y'know? - and suddenly the sheet was pulled off of me and there was10
I SAID NO INTER- Oh yes, that's correct... Skeletons. Two of the blighters.10
One piece?! Do you not-10
I've been better...9
A few pots, but without my tools they won'y do me any good.9
That was it... a faint sound... wind chimes...8
Me? Just a tinker with nothing to trade.8
A tinker doesn't get the respect that they used to... Gah! A thief took my bag in the night, they took everything.8
Bits and pieces, nothing too important I s'pose... An old pan flute, a dirty book and a charred skull.8
That's all in the past now, anyway... I'm afraid I can't help you.8
Didn't someone send you for the pots?8
Well, if anyone asks... I'm dead!8
Where was I? 7
Oh, me? Oh my... Goodness gracious what...1
What? No... 1
Well, I s'pose that was me...1
How did you find me!? Was it you?1
I remember this day... How could I forget.1
Are you saying the man I sold those trinkets to was the king?!1
Those were dark objects, corrupted with powerful magic. Dark magic.1
No, no, no... this ain't good. They'll find me.1
You already know too much. But you don't know my name. Good. Let's keep it that way.1
If you can find me.1