Hang on, let me ask the Captain ...1,206
After all these years ...1,092
The Captain says yes.1,092
My word - so it is!!! I never thought I would see it again!! Where did you get it from?1,091
My mother? She still lives?1,091
I don't remember. Everyone around here just calls me 'boy'.173
Yes, and proud of it.167
No - I made a toy boat a long while ago, but the colours on the flag were different.158
The Captain says no.110
Wonderful, wonderful! Mother's coming to get me!41
No - I made a toy boat a long while ago, but that one had a flag.15
Shipwreck?!? Not shipwreck, surely not! Just in port, that's all!9
No no no - the captain's just waiting for the wind to change, then we're off!8
You must show more respect to the Captain.8
What? But the chest is only just over there! How on Gielinor did you lose it in that short distance?1