Oh, hello! I was just trying to discover the properties of these magical stones you call 'runes', and trying to make some devices to harness their power.1,833
Oh, it's terribly exciting! Let me explain...1,581
You'll need to get me two law runes and a piece of molten glass.719
Where do you want a sphere to?699
Ah, Zanik. Would you like to see the results of my experiment with nature runes?588
Hmm. The Goblin Village, you say? Yes, I think I could do that. Just a moment.552
There you go. I've made you each one to get you to the Goblin Village and one to bring you back here.547
Excellent! Now, just a minute...530
Excellent! I can make you %NUMBER% moving-over-distance spheres with them! How many do you want?492
Oh, yes. My research along those lines has been coming along very well. I think I could make a Moving-Over- Distance Sphere to anywhere you like, given a little work.440
You're quite welcome! Now, where was I...332
The only thing I've been able to make so far is this. I call it the moving-over-distance sphere.132
I can make you a moving-over-distance sphere for two law runes and a piece of molten glass.100
I can make you one if you like. Where do you want a sphere to?44
Well, I was experimenting with these blue runes, the ones you call 'law' runes. They have a strange property of being able to move instantly from one place to another.43
I know; I couldn't believe it either!39
I asked Zanik to test it, and she said that wherever she was in the caves, even if she went to the surface, whenever she smashed the sphere on the ground she would appear back in the city!39
Oh, I can make one for you if you like. You'll need to give me two law runes and a piece of molten glass.38
I found that whenever I prepared powdered law runes in a certain way and then threw them on the ground, I would appear somewhere else in the city.36
I can see how it might be useful, but I wish I knew more about how it worked...34
Oh! Zanik! It's fascinating. These 'runes' store a type of energy I've never encountered before.13
Yes. Each type of rune has its power tuned to a different effect, but they are all essentially the same energy.13
Oh, er, goodbye. Now, where was I...13
What I want to know is where this energy came from. The stone that these runes were cut from must be infused with an enormous amount of raw magical energy, but where did that energy come from?12
Ah, Zanik. How did you get on at the Goblin Village?6
Of course.6
Yes, but you'll have to free up an inventory space if I'm going to give you a Moving-Over-Distance Sphere, %USERNAME%.4
You don't have enough space for that.1