Hee hee! What shall we talk about, human?443
And humans look like monkeys. Badly shaved monkeys. What's your point, human?106
Ooh, it was lovely. I lived in an eggshell. I was safe in there, dreaming of the life I would lead when I hatched, and the caverns I could rule.97
Then suddenly I felt a trembling of the ground, and my shell shattered.89
Hee hee! Let's change the subject before someone gets insulted. What shall we talk about instead, human?85
Through its cracks I saw the world for the first time, just in time to watch my sire die.84
My sire was an olm. I'm an olm. I don't go around asking you about your parents' species, do I?79
It was a terrible shock for a newly hatched olmlet, but I try not to let it affect my mood. So what else shall we talk about, human?78
From eggs, of course! You can't make an olmlet without breaking an egg.77
Hee hee! What's next, human?71