I've got a little challenge for you.3,335
Can you answer this for me please.3,333
Please enter the answer to the question.3,292
That's right, well done!3,231
The map's behind a door below, but entering is rather tough. This is what you need to know: You must use the following stuff.851
First, a drink used by a mage. Next, some worm string, changed to sheet. Then, a small crustacean cage. Last, a bowl that's not seen heat.727
That's wrong I'm afraid.61
Jas left a stone behind.21
No. I'm not in the mood.19
An answer is unimportant; it is the question that matters.19
Is it time to wake up? I am not sure...19
The goblins will never make up their minds on their own.18
It's not you; it's me.17
Beware the cabbage: it is both green AND leafy.16
When in Asgarnia, do as the Asgarnians do.16
They say that ham does not mix well with other kinds of meat.16
The great snake of Guthix guards more than she knows.15
Everyone you know will one day be dead.14
Capes are always in fashion!14
Too many cooks spoil the anchovy pizza.14
Pies...they're great, aren't they?13
Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don't.13
The light at the end of the tunnel is the demon-infested lava pit.13
Many secrets are buried under this land.12
Yes, I can. But I'm not going to.12
A bird in the hand can make a tasty snack.12
A woodchuck does not chuck wood.11
The God Wars are long as the thing they were fighting over remains hidden.11
Don't judge a book by its cover - judge it on its' grammar and, punctuation.11
There are no crisps at the party.10
The chicken came before the egg.10
Who guards the guardsmen?9
If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, then nobody gets Woodcutting xp.9
Help wanted? Enquire within.9
Do not fear the dragons...fear their kin.8
Nothing like a tasty fish.6
He who uses the power of custard mixes it with his tears.5
Many do my wisdom seek; few do their own wisdom to me send!4
New life from these shall perchance spring!1
Wealth need I not, perchance these coins will to you be of greater use.1
The blessings of the gods prepare to receive...1