Nice job, mate. That looks about right.14,119
Bonza, mate! I think that's all of them.13,307
Thanks for all your help, mate. Hope you enjoy the museum!1,843
G'day there, mate. How're the display cases coming along?1,755
G'day there, mate.1,227
Well, mate, to tell you the truth, I think I've come a gutser with these displays.1,226
Gutser and no mistake. Me boss asked me to put together a quiz for the visitors.1,224
Yep, that's the bloke. Say, mate, you do me a favour?1,218
Well, you look like a pretty smart cobber. Could you take a look at the display plaques and give 'em a runthrough?1,215
Beaut' mate! That's the best news I've had all day.1,205
Right, I'll have a chat to me boss over there and let him know you've helped me out.1,204
No worries, mate. You take care now.1,194
Bonza, mate! I reckon three questions per case should be bang to rights.1,186
You know, with all this new information you've absorbed, I reckon you can say you're more experienced in Slaying and Hunting now.949
Take a gander at each case and I'll look over your shoulder to give some advice.902
But to be deadset with you, I wasn't paying much attention to me boss over there and I've done a bit of a rush job.850
Hmm, I don't think that's right, mate. Try again.647
Bonza, mate. You're doing a great job so far.304
Good luck!234
No worries, mate; just have a go when you can.204
Well done, mate. You finished all of the displays.101
Come over and have a chat with me. I might have something for you.94
Fair dinkum mate. I'm sure I'll get someone else to help me.6