Hello, can I help?1,858
Answer this, please.1,500
Well done.1,496
Any time.1,400
I do, but human clothes are too hard to mend. They do not have the finesse of elven garments.1,090
Let me take a look at it then.1,090
Theres something disturbingly familiar about the design of these trousers, they are made for an elf.1,090
Of course I can, but I will need two pieces of silk and some bear fur.1,090
Huh, it's almost like you knew what I needed.1,003
Pass it all here then, and I will get started.418
I need bear fur and two pieces of silk.201
There are still a few things I need before I can mend your trousers.97
You should not just give your things away dear, you may need them.17
I need bear fur and one piece of silk.9
I only need bear fur now.8
I still need two pieces of silk.6
What good is a bit of paper to me?4
I just need a piece of silk.3
I have all I need to mend your trousers, hand them over and I will get started right away.2