Well done. A great rescue. I will remember you if I have anything dangerous to do.1,273
I thank you for your hospitality.1,098
We should do something about that old man.1,073
%USERNAME%, what are you doing here!983
I had everything under control here! Besides, I thought we agreed that you would wait upstairs for me?969
...and whatever you do, don't risk giving yourself away when you tell the Sophanites to return.959
I didn't go anywhere. I decided to blend into the shadows...just one of the many tricks I've picked up over the years.943
Nah, but I do recommend you pick up Kaleef's dagger. I can assure you, it packs some punch.932
It's good to see he went out fighting.917
Indeed, I'm glad he took on board some of my teaching.906
The prince is guarded by some stupid guards and a clever woman. The woman is our only way to get the prince out. Only she can walk freely about the area.848
Only enough to fool the guards at a distance. Get a skirt like hers. Same colour, same style. We will only have a short time.846
Well done; we can make the key now.843
Pick the key up from Leela.843
Our prince is captive by the Lady Keli. We just need to make the rescue. There are two things we need you to do.837
We need the key, or we need a copy made. If you can get some soft clay then you can copy the key...791
May good luck travel with you. Don't forget to find Leela. It can't be done without her help.763
It's nothing. Your nerves are probably just shot. Losing Kaleef was tough on us all.737
Thank you very much %USERNAME%. If you get some more sq'irks be sure to come back.735
Get out of here quick before the cave collapses!731
My help is needed all over the place.716
You must be mistaken. She's in Menaphos and that city is locked tight to everyone, thanks in no small part to me.712
Nothing out of the ordinary. I've had my people instigate a bit of civil unrest. Officially our cities may be at peace, but I have some old scores to settle first.708
Ah, Maisa, a great talent but far too highly strung. I should have known. I'll send down one of my people to sort her out shortly.705
I can't do that; that would be tantamount to sticking one's head in a crocodile's mouth. 702
Our two kingdoms were at war with one another for centuries. They tried to expand their kingdom northwards many times over the years, but we held them off.699
The desert is a great equalizer. It's very difficult to move large armies about in it, particularly if you don't have ready access to water.691
Technically, yes, but that doesn't mean that bad blood will instantly run good. As Spy Master of Al Kharid, I've been responsible for many a dark deed.686
I owe you nothing for that; Hassan the Chancellor paid you for your services. 681
Yes, yes, but what are you doing?681
So, you've agreed with Maisa to get these people to return to Sophanem? What makes you think that I'll aid you with helping the old enemy?677
One more thing...672
There is a sorceress near the south-eastern edge of Al Kharid who grows them. Once upon a time, we considered each other friends.662
I think you may be on to something. Leverage... I like that.660
We fell out, and now she won't give me any more fruit.651
I doubt it will be that easy. She is not renowned for her generosity and is very secretive about her garden's location.650
Her garden has remained hidden even to me - the chief spy of Al Kharid. I believe her garden must be hidden by magical means.644
I'll reward you for as many as you can get your hands on, but could you please squeeze the fruit into a glass first?642
Well then, %USERNAME%, my business is done here so I'll be off. 640
I think you will need to tie her up. One coil of rope should do for that. Then, disguise the prince as her to get him out without suspicion.627
Actually, there is one thing you could do for me.606
Give me two hours. If I'm not back by then, come and look for me.605
My daughter and top spy, Leela, can help you. She has sent word that she has discovered where they are keeping the prince.602
You could get me some sq'irk juice.600
Don't worry about me. I've been in Sophanem more times than I'd care for and, besides, I'm not called a Spy Master for nothing.599
Perfect! Where is it?595
Wait for me here; there's no point in both of us risking our necks getting seen together.595
Get a blonde wig, too. That is up to you to make or find. Something to colour the skin of the prince.582
...If you can convince Lady Keli to show it to you for a moment. She is very boastful. It should not be too hard.578
I couldn't find a way in; I'm getting too old for scaling city walls.573
I have one or two things to sort here before I depart. I'll meet you close to Sophanem shortly.547
It's near Draynor Village. She is lurking somewhere near there now.529
Bring the imprint to me, with a bar of bronze.513
So, I'd need a very very good reason to go there.493
What makes you suggest that I'm more urgently needed in Sophanem?491
I would be lynched on sight if I were to be found.484
What exactly are you up to, anyway?462
The Menaphites would find it difficult not to try to punish me or extract certain delicate information out of me if I managed to fall into their arms.458
What would you like to know?424
Once you have everything, go to Leela. She must be ready to get the prince away.316
You can collect the key from Leela.299
You have the skirt. Good.297
Yes, you have the rope.282
The wig you have got; well done.268
You have the skin paint; well done. I thought you would struggle to make that.241
Hello, I am Osman. With what can I assist you?209
I may have mentioned that I had a falling out with the Sorceress. Well, unsurprisingly, she refuses to give me any more of her garden's produce.192
The prince is safe and on his way home with Leela. You can pick up your payment from the chancellor.164
You need to make a blonde wig somehow. Leela may help.111
Of course there is. I am a generous man. I'll teach you the art of Thieving for your troubles.109
A print of the key in soft clay and a bronze bar. Then, collect the key from Leela.109
That depends on the quantity and ripeness of the sq'irks you put into the juice.107
Use a pestle and mortar to squeeze the sq'irks. Make sure you have an empty glass with you to collect the juice.96
The prince is not here. He is...away. If you can be trusted, speak to the chancellor, Hassan.92
My wounds are healing slowly but I think I'll make a full recovery.91
Maisa is fine. Where she is or what she's doing, I couldn't possibly tell you.87
Something to make the prince's skin appear lighter.87
Ah it's sweet, sweet nectar for a thief or spy; it makes light fingers lighter, fleet feet flightier and comes in four different colours for those who are easily amused.76
It only holds power over those with poor self-control, something which I have an abundance of.75
Would this be what you're looking for?66
I'll let it go for hmmmm...what's a blade like this worth? Lets say 20000 gold coins.66
One piece of espionage gossip I can tell you is that I won't be returning to Sophanem or Menaphos any time soon.65
Is there anything else with which I can help you?64
I am in the employ of the Emir. That is all you need to know.52
So you'd better come up with a much better reason to get me to go to Sophanem.43
Have any other bright ideas?42
That there might be, but, if there is, it belongs to the dead. Bad things happen to those who steal from them.37
Do you know Simon Templeton?37
Good, you have the print of the key. Get a bar of bronze, too, and I can get the key made.28
That bothers me not. The secrets of Al-Kharid protect themselves.27
Well, that particular grave robber is stuck out in the desert with no real hope of escape because of his greed.25
I have Maisa and others in place to do that already.24
Are you mad or stupid?24
I'm sure to be recognised; we'd then have to fight our way through the town. Any hopes that we had for the truce between our cultures would then be as dead as the guards.24
Uh, thanks, but is there any chance you could squeeze the fruit into the glass for me?22
Hmm... I like the sounds of that...but no, it's still too risky. I can't jeopardise the truce by being caught here.20
You will need a skirt that looks the same as Keli's.20
We discovered a stash of them in some of our investigations. As far as we have been able to determine, it was created by worshippers of Elidinis in order to smite the followers of Scabaras.19
They are specially enchanted against both scarab creatures and kalphites...which is odd, since we thought the two races to be entirely different. Any more details you'll have to discover yourself by using it in the field.19
How are you getting on with what we need?18
Well then, %USERNAME%, my business is done here so I'll be off.15
A rope with which to tie Keli up.14
The key you already have. Good.10
Well, whatever or which, you'll need a better reason for me to leave here.9
When you have everything, go to Leela. Then you can start the breakout.8
We are aware of this. The elite guard will protect them from any harm.8
I've no idea what is going on there. It's all on a need- to-know basis so I'm not going to be asking you for information either.6
I only carry knives or other such devices on me when I'm on the job.4
Reveal yourself!4
Ahh, I'm hallucinating! Must cut back on sq'irks!4
I'm perfectly happy here in Al Kharid. I've done all the adventuring I ever wanted to do in my youth.3
You'd have to come up with a much better idea than that to convince me to go there.3
I have a few tricks up my sleeves yet.3
You can call me Osman, even though I am the man who is not Osman.3
Of course I look like him; I'm in disguise. What sort of spy would look like a spy?3
Let's change the subject to something Osman might talk about. I don't want to blow my cover.3
There is a sorceress near the south-eastern edge of Al Kharid who grows them. She used to be friends with Osman, but they fell out.3
I don't know. It's impossible to get any information out of Osman. Anyway, now she won't give us any more fruit.3
Her garden has remained hidden even from Osman - the chief spy of Al Kharid. I believe her garden must be hidden by magical means.3
The dagger I just gave you is specially enchanted against both scarab creatures and kalphites...which is odd, since we thought the two races to be entirely different. Any more details you'll have to discover yourself by2
using it in the field.2
I see you failed to pick up Kaleef's dagger after you slew that vile scarab. Luckily for you, Maisa was able to pass it on to me before I made my escape.1
Osman and the Sorceress had a falling out. Now she won't give any of us spies fruit from her garden.1
Really, don't waste my time trying to buy when you have no space to keep the blade.1