Which city would you like to represent?4,232
Are you sure you want to recolour that piece of graceful clothing? It will cost 15 marks of grace.3,928
Welcome, traveller. Are you looking to represent one of the houses of Great Kourend?1,096
As you are probably aware, Great Kourend is a vast kingdom. Many adventurers choose to wear special clothing which allows them to explore swiftly and with elegance.866
As official tailor for Kourend, I can recolour this clothing, allowing adventurers to represent the city to which they are most loyal.798
Fantastic, simply pass me the items of clothing you would like recoloured, and we can get started.790
If you are interested, I would be more than happy to offer my tailoring services in exchange for Marks of Grace.729
I can remove that item's colours free of charge. Alternatively I can recolour it to represent a city of Kourend for a fee of 15 Marks of Grace.451
Are you sure you want to revert that piece of clothing? You'll have to pay again if you want it recoloured.83
Oh, no, you can't have my outfit unless you have maximum favour with all the cities of Kourend.26
Sorry, you don't appear to have enough Marks of Grace. I charge 15 for my services.19
I only recolour pieces of graceful clothing.7
The item of clothing already has those colours.1