Don't tell him you're doing his chores!63
This guy is unbelievable!62
I have a few suggestions!59
Theres something wrong with his head!59
Age is irrelevant. Time is irrelevant.57
Nothing, I bet!57
I guess you're right, there is the Apothecary in Varrock.57
Only because I know it amuses you. I couldn't care less... mmmmmmmm.56
Indeed! Bob should be back by now, let's go find him.56
Look into my eyes...54
Part of the cat-human relationship is to let them believe they are in control.53
Frankly, I could do with it being a bit hotter round here, but I'll survive.52
I did, just via you. Shall I do it again?51
Hi Bob!51
Well done, that's all the chores finished!48
Now what?!48
Unferth's cat? Pfft! Unferth is Bob's human!47
Those of us more in touch with our past tend to like it warmer. It's the legacy of the Felis Silvestris Lybica, or desert cat as you would say.46
We could offer to bonk him on the head with a big hammer.46
Bob didn't come home this week.46
I never did like that guy!45
Oh yes, but many of us left due to the harsh conditions. Sand is the worst thing to lick yourself clean from.42
The humans have been looking for you, they get worried too easily.38
Let's talk to Unferth to see if there's anything else we can do.37
Don't you have any memory of your parents?34
What a wet blanket, Bob can look after himself.34
I'd love to crunch up some rats. Mmmmm rats.33
Come on! We can help Bob!33
I do hope you're joking. These claws are real you know, none of your bronze nonsense.32
Straight down the throat of destruction, grasping the tonsil of death as we swing into the belly of evil!32
Oiling? I have no idea, but I get the feeling it's not going to be funny.30
Only in your nightmares no-fur.30
And so do I. But you didn't stop to ask before naming me did you?30
Ask Gertrude if she knows anything.29
This guy gets on my nerves.29
Yes, please help!29
I'll explain later!28
Let's ask Bob!28
Go on. Ask him.27
Don't you think it's odd that no one knows where Bob came from?27
I'd hoped you would've understood by now that there's more to cats than humans believe!27
I wouldn't say dragged... let's call it a partnership!27
Wow. That's so funny I almost laughed. Humpf. I guess I'll have to eat something else then.26
Good answer no-fur.25
What's up?25
Wow! He's got it bad! Real bad! I never thought I'd see the day!25
I'm fine thanks.25
We think you are... or used to be... Robert the Strong!25
I'm not done yet!25
Bye for now Bob, we're going to speak to the Sphinx.25
I don't think there is a problem, Bob is probably chasing females again!24
Robert the Strong was a great hero, you have no memory of him?24
%USERNAME% let's go and talk to Gertrude! Perhaps she knows who Bob's parents are!23
Hang on, maybe this is something to do with the legend... yes, it just might. Have you ever heard of Robert the Strong?23
We don't have time for this, Bob could be in trouble! Tell her to get on with it.22
Do you remember when you were hypnotised by the Devourer?22
The Sphinx understood how you were hypnotised, it might be able to access Bob's memories of Robert the Strong.22
Don't you know who your parents are?21
Oh my, you win... a biscuit!21
ANYONE would be 'cleverer'!21
Does Neite feel the same way about you?21
Meow, meow.21
Robert the Strong was no ordinary human though!20
Good old Gertrude! Come on, lets go.18
I suppose that is understandable, you did miss out on a little bit of the adventure.16
Do you remember being hypnotised then?16
Let's go out into the desert to talk about this, if you don't mind. I want the right atmosphere for the story.15
What about the Dragonkin? A vicious race of bird like creatures?14
Check the garden to see if anything needs tending.14
I'm sure there should be something growing in the garden.14
Does a black panther called Odysseus ring any bells?13
Wow Bob! You really are Robert the Strong!13
Yes! When you were hypnotised you told us of when you defeated a Dragonkin!13
Yes! How can Neite refuse you now!13
That can wait! Bob has been love sick, we have to tell Neite!13
Hi Neite!13
The Sphinx hypnotised Bob. Bob told us about when he was Robert the Strong fighting Dragonkin.13
Maybe the Sphinx can help us again.13
See you later Bob.13
We should go and see Bob now Unferth is feeling better, he should be back by now.12
Sphinx, summon Neite please!12
Bob is Robert the Strong!12
It wasn't all that difficult to understand.11
Seems like everyone knows everyone in these parts.11
Ok, I'll tell you what I think happened.10
Pretty good! %USERNAME% could use your help with something.10
Should we be worried here?10
More walking? Why don't we ever get a nice easy teleport for these things?9
There once was a high priest of some crazy religion called Klenter.9
Hey %USERNAME%, hey talk to me.8
Look I can't let you keep doing this, you're doing it all wrong.8
What we have here is a two cat job.8
Well then why don't you let me help out. Tell me when you're going to start the fire and I'll race over and get the rats, while you're smoking them out.8
Exterminate! Exterminate!8
Sorry, I got a little carried away.8
You got them? I think I may have had something to do with it.8
Well of course you'd hardly expect that human to do a ratcatcher's job.8
No no. The high priest was called Klenter and he was the high priest of Icthlarin, god of the dead.8
He dies, and a struggle starts for his soul.8
Very good. Now she needs help in getting Klenter's soul so she tricks some gullible fool into helping her.8
Well she's the god of destruction. If she had a priest or a temple or anything she would just destroy it.8
Every time you try smoke those rats out they run out of the hole, the only problem is the smoke clears fast enough for them to run back in before you can get over to them.7
Because of my kind.7
I'll live.6
You bore me. I had packed my things weeks ago anyway, I was just hanging about to see how many little presents I could leave for you in your bank.5
You'll what? Come on now, lets be honest. You couldn't fight your way out of a cow field. I'm off!!5
Another god - the Devourer - wants to destroy his soul because she has some dispute with Icthlarin. So she takes on the guise of a human.5
We have other powers, not clear to you. Anyway I'm moving away from the story.5
Because of me.5
Cats are the only things that can open the pyramid's door, so she needed an adventurer with one.5
You then started to return with the jar to the Devourer, but as a sting on the tail she made you plant one of her symbols in the ceremonial room of the pyramid. You then tried to flee the pyramid but5
Yes %USERNAME%. Well he either broke the devourer's hold on you or else Klenter did.5
He was, and still is. Ok, Icthlarin summoned Klenter's soul to torment you into returning the jar, the end result was that you were freed from the devourer's grasp.5
You then bumbled around for a bit and returned the jar, discovered that the high priest still hadn't completed the final ceremony so you got him all the bits and pieces.5
And the rest is simple enough to piece together.5
You say the sweetest things. Hiss.5
The wanderer recruits your help by hypnotising you. Do you remember that?4
So you entered the pyramid with me - under her mind control - and stole a canopic jar containing an organ belonging to Klenter.4
Icthlarin appeared just as you reached the exit.4
No we haven't. Come on %USERNAME%, let's go.3
The Apothecary said you need a vial of water to give to Unferth.3
I'm getting a little bit sick of talking about Icthlarin and all that stuff. If you didn't understand it the first time around, nor when I filled you in on a few details and then when I spelt it out to you what happened I don't3
think you'll ever get it.3
Look, can we just leave it. Ask one of your adventuring friends.3
You've finished that chore.3
If you mean by rodent catching, getting myself killed by attacking that there rat,.... no.3
OK OK... This is becoming dangerous. If we don't do something he will probably implode! We'll go to Gertrude and ask if she knows who your parents are!3
Sorry human, but what are you wearing?2
Nah, I've just groomed.2
Come on, lets go.1
We've found out enough now, we should go back to Bob.1
I can remember them, I'll make a list.1
We better put Unferth out of his misery and tell him that Bob is safe.1
Come on!1
You've done all the chores so you should see if Unferth needs anything else done.1
Am I a joke to you?1
Why are you doing this?1
It's not, take them off now human, before I get myself a pair of human ears to wear.1
Have you noticed that Unferth's hair has grown rather long?1
It's so long I should think you'd need shears to cut it!1