The Keldagrim pits cater for those with the larger variety of cats. 7
You then agree on a wager. It's rumoured that some ratcatchers can talk to their own cats and give them tactics to aid them.7
I was just getting to that. Both the challengers' cats are placed inside the arena, and whichever kills 9 rats first wins.7
I'm the rat keeper, it's my job to look after these here rats.7
Some nibble their way out from time to time. Don't worry there's enough cats down here to sort anything that gets out.7
If you have an overgrown cat and a couple of coins you can challenge someone else who also has an overgrown cat and some spare change.6
I don't know about that.1
One thing I know though is that it's a quick way to make and lose money.1
No, not now, we don't really bet with outsiders.1