The solving of this puzzle could be the key to your treasure.3,488
Well done, traveller.3,482
Have ye slayed that dragon yet?810
You actually did it?762
So, how does thee know I 'ave some?694
Aye, 'tis a fair day my friend.654
Yes, I suppose he would, wouldn't he? He's always sending you fancy-pants 'heroes' up to bother me. Telling me I'll give them a quest or sommat like that.652
Hah, yes, you are a typical reckless adventurer, aren't you? Now go kill the dragon and get out of my face.635
Go talk to the Guildmaster in the Champions' Guild. He'll help ye out if yer so keen on doing a quest. I'm not going to be handholding any adventurers.631
I underestimated ye, adventurer. I apologise.597
Yer a true hero, and I'd be happy to sell ye rune platebodies.588
All right, I'll give ye a quest. I'll let ye wear my rune platemail if ye...495
Well, I'm not going to let just anyone wear my rune platemail. It's only for heroes. So, leave me alone.491
Slay the dragon of Crandor!472
Aye, 'tis a fair day, my mighty dragon-slaying friend.361
Yer welcome.305
Aye, may the gods walk by yer side. Now leave me alone.266
That isn't right, keep trying.105
I'm surprised if you're anyone's friend with those kind of manners.89
I'm not sellin' ye anything till you've slayed that dragon! Now be off wi' ye.72
Amazin'! Ye can almost feel it pulsing with draconic power!71
Now, if ye want me to, I could attach this to yer anti- dragonbreath shield and make something pretty special.64
I'll charge 1,250,000 coins to construct it. What d'ye say?62
There ye go. Now, the more dragonfire the shield absorbs, the more powerful it'll become.60
Be off with ye then.46
I ain't got nothing to sell ye, adventurer. Leave me be!42
It's the Guildmaster in the Champions' Guild who hands those keys out now. Go talk to him. No need to bother me if you don't need armour.27
Well, however you found out about it, I'm not going to let just anyone wear my rune platemail. It's only for heroes. So leave me alone.21
I see ye've got one of them anti-dragon shields there. I've got an idea about them things.12
Aye, I ken tell!11
Never 'eard of yer.6
Yes, I can understand that. Yer a coward.5
Ye'll need to take the shield off before ye give it to me.3
See, when ye uses them to fight a dragon, they absorb the fire. The shield must be storing the dragonfire, and just letting it radiate away.3
Now, if there was only a way to get the dragonfire out again...3
I've heard legends of a thing called a 'draconic visage'. It was made by the dragonkin themselves apparently.3
This 'draconic visage' had the power to channel dragonfire. Now, if I could attach the visage to the front of this shield...3
Good luck wi' that. They're mighty rare, so yer quest will take some time. If any monsters have them, it'll be the dragons.3
Yes it is. But I'm a master smith so I reckon I can charge what I like. Unless ye've got level 90 Smithing too, which I doubt!2
I thought not. I'm the master smith of Misthalin! So, shall I construct the shield for you?2
Why, ain't it obvious? Ye could project blasts of dragonfire from yer shield!2
Ye know, I think there might be a way.2
Now, if ye bring me this and the anti-dragonbreath shield, I reckon I could combine them into something pretty special!1